Fast Income App Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Fast Income App is a new website and company online that promises users that they will provide them with information regarding a way to earn large amounts of money with very little effort.

According to the video presentation on this website, once you’ve submitted your email address you will be given access to a tutorial that will explain to you in detail their method for making money.

Kay Muller, the spokeswoman for this website, says that Fast Income App is not selling any products, goods, or services, and will not ask you for any money. Instead, she will just give you access to the exact system she is using to make more than a million dollars a year.

What is Fast Income App?

Fast Income App is just a company that is finding and securing customers for another company called RBOptions. RBOptions is a company that teaches people how to trade something called binary options.

Binary options is a specific type of investment method that allows people to make a choice about whether a specific stock will go up (raise in value) or down (lower in value) during a pre-determined amount of time.

According to Fast Income App, the type of binary options trading they are interested in are those trades which guess the change in valuation of a stock over the course of just sixty seconds, which is why the video says it can make you money in just one minute’s time.

What To Consider

Though Fast Income App says that it has nothing to sell, the reality is that they are in fact promoting a specific service, RBOptions, that requires a minimum deposit of $250 up front before you can ever begin making a trade, therefore the claim that this system of making money is “free” is not exactly accurate.

RBOptions is not the only binary options trading platform out there. There are many others, including Redwood Binary,, and Profit in 60 Seconds, which offer investors the same opportunities but may not have a deposit minimum as high as $250, if they have deposit minimums at all.

In addition, it is important to note that while the video presentation promises the ability to make large amounts of money in small amounts of time – adding up to more than one and a half million dollars per year – the truth is that as with any investment opportunity it is just as easy to lose your money as it is to make money.

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