Fast Income Pro Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Fast Income ProFast Income Pro is a work at home business opportunity created by Travis Johnstone.  Fast Income Pro claims to give its customers all the tools necessary to successfully begin making money from home.

The work at home business opportunity offered by Fast Income Pro is likely a training course and tools meant to give you instruction in the field of internet marketing, though their sales page never confirms this.  Internet marketing is probably the fastest growing home business field, making it both a worthwhile and incredibly competitive business opportunity.

The sales page for Fast Income Pro promises you a 5 step education program, 24/7 access to their support staff, personal coaching opportunities, and updating training materials.

The sales page of Fast Income Pro also spends a lot of time and effort on how simple and easy their program is to implement, and how quickly it will pay off.  Travis Johnstone says he was able to quit his job within two weeks of using this system, and that you will be able to make money with “no special skills” and with only a couple of hours of work a week.

So What’s the Deal with Fast Income Pro?

Well, there are a couple issues worth pointing out with the Fast Income Pro program.  First, selling your program as being something that everyone can make money with as long as they are willing to “do a little typing and button clicking” is likely to be problematic. People have different skills, abilities, time constraints, and money to invest in programs and acting as if all of that is irrelevant to success will likely open up Fast Income Pro to some criticism from their customers.

Also, the sales page of Fast Income Pro says that the program will cost you a one time fee of $97.00 with “no future payments, no monthly fees,” however this isn’t true.  If you read their Terms & Conditions, you’ll see that you will actually be charged a one time fee of $197.00, $100.00 more than the stated price.  After you are charged this initial cost, then you can apply your rebate or promotion.  If you do not apply your rebate or promotion within 90 days, then it will no longer be honored.

In addition, on the Terms & Conditions page you’ll see that you are actually charged a monthly fee of $9.95.  The first charge will be applied 15 days after you purchase the program, and will be repeated every 30 days afterward, until you cancel.  Finally, you will see that there is no stated refund policy.  You are welcome to cancel at any time, but there is no refund offered.

It is important to always read the Terms & Conditions to make sure you understand the policies and agreements you are making with any company before you buy their program.  However, it does make me uncomfortable when the sales page promises one type of fee and payment program, and then a completely different fee and payment program are outlined in the Terms & Conditions.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • To many scammers to mention!!this is one of the worst as it is preying on people who in these times need to do something to make ends meet...What a joke LMAO....
  • OMG!! I just experienced the same response. I signed up in late february and tried to cancell almost right from the get go..Each month I called and was told that I had to wait until the 90 days were up to get reimbursed. So I did and once again called back today and was told by Ashley that it was to late, because my payment was made to long ago that they couldn't gaurantee my reimbursement. If it doesn't show on my card within the next two weeks you had better believe that I will contact the BBB. These people are evil!!!!!
  • Believe it or not....the funds were completely reimbursed finally!!!!

    On Friday, after my last post, There were five (5) deposits made to my account. The $149.95 and the $40.00 charged for the program and three (3) for $9.95 for the three monthly charges for the website.

    The number I called was 866-941-0158 and the person I spoke to was Ashley. Let them know that you are giving them one week to let you know then you will turn it over to your attorney and file a complaint with the BBB and state attorney Generals Office.

    Good Luck!!!
  • I was up late one night looking for things I could do from home to supplement my income as I am thinking of retiring soon. I came across this website from an email that seemed too good to be true... and it was!!!

    Everything everyone has said previously is very true and the responses they received are the same responses that I got. The last one being today "we will be sending this to corporate to see what can be done since it has been so long". I signed up in February, called them immediately following signing up because something did not seem right about the charge. It starts out at $197 that will reduce to $97 with the $100 rebate which you will never receive, but if you decline it drops to $149 with a $100 rebate and if you decline again it will offer you a one time deal for $49.95. Although I bit at the $49.95 deal I was charged $49 and then ten days later another $149.95. Then $9.95 per month started to appear on my statements and I found out that this was for web-site hosting that they never discussed and never built for you. They give you a login account and you must build the website (of course they say they are there to help, which never happens).

    Long story short... I have been working since late February/early March to have this thing cancelled and get back whatever I can and I have seen nothing as yet. Not even the $100 rebate and I completed the form properly and sent it in to them immediately. Again, this is nothing but A SCAM...I repeat SCAM... do not get taken...JUST SAY NO!!!
  • I believe the whole thing is a scam for $97.00, and they refuse to refund your money within 90 days, corporate office(if such exists) denies you a refund saying you did not follow terms and conditions. There should be a law that will help, but it is unknown to me.
  • This is for all those people like me who got sucked in. DO NOT DO IT RIP OFF. You can get your money back but it takes up to 2 weeks. They will decline the payment and it will sit in your account for 2 weeks pending. Do not trust this program.
  • Ripoff...trying to get my money back from people who don't speak or understand English.
  • Thanks so much everyone for your post. I just signed up for fastincomepro April 10t and has already had trouble getting in touch with their so called specialist. spoke with one today finally, named Cody and their is already signs that indicate that i would be asked for more money. He said is so called CEO will call me back in 3 days. I was actually trying to sign up for Home Cash Flow solutions as advertised by this newscast person and suddenly ended up with "Fast Income Pro". They advertised $49 then i ended up getting charged $149. already filled out the rebate. but after reading all this horrible reviews they are getting, I just used the billing number provided by one of the reviewers 1-866-941-0950 and she said that they will refund my $49 and i should be getting my $100 rebate back as well. I believe i didn't have much trouble cos its only been 2 days since i signed up and i have all the people that posted their stories to thank for that.I guess we'll see if they do refund me all my money cos if they don't, rest assured I'll be fighting to the fullest.
  • I just called the billing number 1 866-941-0590 and asked for the reimbursement, the lady on the phone argued that is was not false information so I threatened to call my credit card company and the BBB and she puts me on hold; she came back and tell me again that his boss tell her it wasn't false information but as a "courtesy" they will refund me my $97 and that anyways they didn't have my funds yet, but next time I better read the terms before subscribing and bla, bla, bla and says that she will send me a confirmation number by e-mail. I hope the charges will be reversed for real.
  • i read the terms and closed the program- never worked. And the same day 2/14/2011 they took 149.95 out of my account. I did not like their terms i had filled out the information card # and all when i called they told me they were not going to give me my money. Anyone have any info? I am on a fixed income, 68 years old. I am not going to stop until i get my money back
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