FatCatRewards.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Fat Cat RewardsFatCatRewards.com is a website that claims to help you earn money by participating in market research.  Market research includes getting paid for taking surveys, participating in focus groups, signing up for promotions, and testing products on a trial basis.

Getting paid for participating in various market research projects is a legitimate way of earning money using the internet.  Many people come to Reviewopedia to look at options to make money taking surveys; Fat Cat Rewards, like many other companies and websites, are taking the concept of online surveys one step further by including all aspects of market research that you can possibly get paid for.

Market research companies compensate their workers in a variety of ways: prizes, gift cards, rewards.  FatCatRewards.com actually compensates its participants with real currency.  This means you must have a PayPal account in order to get paid.  On the first of every month, Fat Cat Rewards will evaluate the money you have earned in your account and issue a payment to your PayPal account.

You must have at least $50 in your account to receive payment.  If you do not, your account simply rolls over to next month until you have earned the minimum $50.

So is Fat Cat Rewards a Scam?

The number one rule, as anyone will tell you, about getting paid to participate in market research is that it must be free.  Signing up for Fat Cat Rewards is 100% free, so I can’t say that it’s a scam.

However, there is just some information you should have if you’re considering signing up for Fat Cat Rewards.  First of all, Fat Cat Rewards is more of a portal website than anything else – this means that they act as a middle man toward signing you up for lots of other websites.  You should never assume that the rules of Fat Cat Rewards will apply to these other websites – it is very important that you research each of these individual sites before you sign up with them.

Second, as far as signing up for promotions and trial offers are concerned, while you get paid for doing these things, you often run the risk of being charged for them if you stay enrolled too long without canceling.  If you are not very careful about this, you could end up paying more money out than you are earning.

Finally, Fat Cat Rewards has a minimum payout of $50.  This is actually pretty high when compared to many other market research companies, who usually have a payout minimum of around $25.  The trouble is that since you will be doing surveys and projects for a variety of companies underneath Fat Cat Rewards, you could actually end up spending quite a bit of time and effort and still not really earning money because you can’t reach the necessary payout sum.

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  • Totally fake, read other ppl's experiences. No one gets paid a cent for doing all their stuff. Plus, 10 bucks is just to draw you in. You don't get 10 bucks upfront for nothing. In this case, it looks like you could make 50 in 5 mins, but it's fake.
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