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FB Vault, found online at FB-Vault.com, is a new work at home program which says that anyone who has the ability to simply type and click can tap into the power of Facebook to make a reliable income.

According to the video presentation on FB-Vault.com, this system is both reliable and automatic. Once you have set up your Facebook campaign one time, you will not need to continue working, but will still be making money everyday.

Customers who are interested in being trained on how to utilize Facebook to earn an income from home can purchase this training system, which consists of 5 step-by-step videos, live case studies, PDF guides, and a lifetime guarantee, for just $7.00.

The Pitch

FB-Vault says that their system does not require any selling at all. Realistically speaking, people and companies who have tried to use Facebook for selling have failed, because the truth is that people go onto Facebook to interact with family and friends, not to buy things.

However, the number one thing that is needed to make money online is people, and Facebook has almost one billion users. So FB-Vault says the goal is to use Facebook to make money with a CPA campaign.

CPA stands for cost-per-action, which is when you get paid for having people do something as simple as click on a link, fill out their email address, or view an ad.

What to Consider

Generally speaking, when a business opportunity says that their earnings are “automatic” you should proceed with caution. Making $4,000-$8,000 a month with almost no work is the type of work at home claim that almost always turns out to be false.

However, the upfront price of FB Vault is only $7.00, an amount of money which many people will be willing to risk on the small chance that this system actually works. The risk, though, is that after you pay your initial price, many independent business systems will try to “upsell” you – contact you with offers of upgrades and additional programs which are intended to make you even more money.

By this time, people have already invested time and money, and are willing to incur more expense if it will help them make money.

The best way to approach any independent, online business is to know upfront what you are able to afford to invest, how much time and effort you can give to a project. In addition, you should also be aware of the refund policies and what you can do to get your money back if you are unhappy with what you receive. FB Vault says that they will honor refunds that are requested within 30 days of the sale, but there have been reports that these refunds have been extremely hard to get.

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  • I paid $1 for the system. However, I was never able to get assistance. All attempts to email or call for more information were without response. Since I paid for a two week trial, I figured I would give them 2 weeks. The weekend before the expiration I received about 3 emails from Get paid from FB. No response to my inquiries, just more information in an attempt to pull me in. I called my bank and requested that they not be allowed to go into my account. Any attempts to get payment from me will be met with resistance. LET THE BUYER BEWARE! It will be a long and difficult journey to keep these folks away from me. Please be wary and don't make the same mistake that I did.
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