Financially Healthy Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Financially Healthy, found online at, is a new work from home training program promoted by Cami White, who claims that she can show people living in Australia how to earn a living from home.

According to the website, Cami White has been able to create a life where she works online between one hour and four hours a day, earning double her old salary – which isn’t published – all while being her own boss and working on whatever projects she personally chooses.

Customers who want to have a similar work situation are lucky, because she is currently inviting people to purchase her training program to learn how to “link post” for just $97.

How Does It Work?

The website presents the link posting opportunity as a job you can have “working for” search engines and major companies, posting links for their goods and services in a variety of places around the internet.

In reality, link posting is just another term for affiliate marketing, an independent business opportunity where people partner with other companies to post links online.

When the links you post result in sale of that product or service, you will be paid a commission. This commission will be a pre-determined percentage of the price of the item you have linked to. This is a little different than the way Financially Healthy Life presents this opportunity, but this difference is extremely important.

Is Financially Healthy Legit?

The short answer to this question is no. It is true that some people are able to make large amounts of money using the internet marketing business opportunity, but the way this company has so terribly misrepresented this business opportunity indicates that people who work with this company will probably have a very small chance at success.

The difference stated above between being told that you are simply paid to post a link and the reality that your link will need to make a sale before you can be paid is huge – ask anyone who works in sales what that difference means to their paycheck. This website further perpetuates this misrepresentation by giving their customers a calculator that lets them predict how much money they will earn in just a few hours a day.

A company that puts this much time and effort into essentially tricking people into purchasing their training program must not have a training program that’s really worth anything, which is not a surprise. Many of these training programs are in it to simply receive your initially purchase money, and then they have nothing invested in whether or not you actually succeed.

Instead, you should look into the many different free resources online about this kind of work that you can read and learn from before you should invest in this kind of program.

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