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No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of Jordan Malik’s FindSpotter program, a program that promises to teach people what the best items are to sell on Amazon and where they can find these items.

Jordan Malik is known for being a Bestselling Author, Award-winning Amazon Seller, Podcaster, and IMReportcard’s Top 25 People, and all of the products he creates are about teaching people how to be successful within the ecommerce industry.

The FindSpotter website is one of two websites run by Malik with a goal of training people to be successful in the e-commerce industry, the other being his site.

How Does Work?

The reality is that many people understand that there is money – and potentially a lot of money – to be made from selling products on major online retailers, especially Amazon, which has a large and dedicated market of buyers.

But unfortunately people don’t really know how to go about figuring out what items they should be selling on this website, which will meet the most important criteria: what people will buy, and what will earn you the greatest profits. says that it will not only teach you how to find the best items for you to sell, but will also teach you where you can purchase these items for yourself at the best possible prices so that you can make the best profits.

What to Consider

Unfortunately the membership fees for the training program can be expensive. Annual membership fees total $400 while a lifetime membership fee is nearly $700.

This is obviously a large amount of money to pay for a training program, especially a training program for an industry that you may not even be sure that you want to work in, depending on the level of experience you’ve already gained.

The good news is that Malik also sells a wide variety of books for much more affordable prices, some of which certainly offer similar information to what you will find in his expensive membership program. In addition, customers will be able to feel out his teaching style and what he expects from people who are learning from him.

In addition, whenever you are first starting out, you should never simply follow a single source of information. Don’t be afraid to branch out to other sources as well, not only to get different approaches but also to determine whether or not you are getting the best quality information for your own personal needs.

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