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First Titan Energy Corp, found online at, is an energy company focused on oil and gas retrieval specifically in new deposits within the domestic United States. says demand for oil and gas is only growing larger every day, and that companies are rushing to fulfill this demand in any ways they can. They claim to be poised to make the United States a “major player” in the worldwide energy markets.

They assert that they will be leading one of “the most exciting and lucrative industries” in North America, which is recovering and selling US based oil and gas, and because of this, their company is one of the most promising investment opportunities available today.

First Titan Energy: What They Do

The website says that the company is currently utilizing “cutting edge technology” to extract oil and gas in the US in areas previously considered too difficult or too expensive to access.

In addition to these innovations, First Titan Energy Corp states that they have purchased working interests with established oil exploration companies to deliver new hydrocarbons to interested parties around the world.

But, while First Titan may be dedicated to domestic energy ventures, the main purpose of is to appeal to and encourage new investors to place their money behind the innovations and projects being described on their website.

What to Know

The website frequently describes their drilling and gas extraction projects as “full of financial potential” and makes promises of “explosive financial gains” for those who are willing to invest in their company early.

Their web page also has links online investment companies like eTrade and Scottrade, so that potential investors visiting the site may immediately use those links to put their money behind First Titan Energy Corp.

But, as always when it comes to investing your money, their disclaimer page has to inform their possible investors that no guarantees can be made as to the current or future value of their stock, and that potential investors should always consult a professional before deciding what to do with their money.

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  • They don't exist. I got scammed.
  • looked at presence for virtual assets. 1 email address for the entire company.

    failure to pay Registrar site is in redemption status

    twitter account is over 1,180 days old with a social authority level of 1 which is terrible-and they have less then 300 followers.

    39 inbound links

    43 metions on facebook

    conclusion: scam
  • i constantly see articles claiming FTTN company wells are meeting expected projection. Where is the oil and gas? How many barrels of oil did FTTN produce last year? How Many barrels this yr?
    • Oil and gas is innovative?? Invest in FTTN now?? Gimme a a fking break. Sydney Jim a scammer. SEC should look into him.
    • Sydeny Jim is a scumbag. Used to work for a pot stock pump and dump. FTTN is a 100% scam. Now he's pumping this one. The website says scam all over it.
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