FiveSquid Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of FiveSquid, a company based in the United Kingdom which provides a place for people to find a variety of different services priced between five and fifty pounds.

There are many different websites where people can post different services they are willing to offer the online community and will be able to connect with customers who need that specific service. says that they are different than all these other websites because they not only provide a secure platform, but they also bring together service providers and customers from more than 100 different companies.

How Does It Work?

If you are hoping to be a FiveSquid service provider, all you have to do is sign up for an account, create your post with a description of the service or skills you can offer, and then choose your assigned price from five, ten, twenty, or fifty pounds.

FiveSquid does actually provide their members with the ability to use bespoke or custom pricing as well, so if you are offering services you believe deserve to be priced higher than fifty pounds, you do still have an option to post your services on their website.

In addition, this website gives their customers the ability to earn either Best Seller or PRO Seller status. Both of these qualifications are earned after members have achieved specific milestones and have excellent reviews from their previous customers, so prospective customers who may be nervous about using this website will know that these are providers on which they can rely.

Is FiveSquid Legit?

It certainly seems like FiveSquid is a respectable company with which people can work and have positive expectations of their experience. In addition to having the Best Seller and PRO Seller qualifications, this company offers a full explanation of their fees and their professional policies so members know exactly what they are getting into.

They do provide their customers with a cancellation policy which can be enacted any time before their job has been completed; these refund situations are mutually agreed to between both the member and the customer through the FiveSquid website. If an agreement cannot be made, you can then request the assistance of their team to mediate a solution.

Though this company does not charge their members for creating an account, they will take a commission off the top of each job that is completed, and commissions will range between one pound and thirty pounds, depending on what the member has priced the job at. As mentioned above, a full explanation of their fees is available on their website.

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