Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 16 reviews Review It is a market research companies that offer individuals the ability to be paid for their knowledge, information, and feedback on various topics, products, and services.

Companies use their research as an opportunity to communicate directly with people who either use their products, or those who don’t use their products, so they can figure out what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what they should be doing in the future.

Members who are interested in using this company to earn some extra money can sign up for free on their website, and then be eligible to participate in focus groups, one-on-one interviews, phone interviews, and online surveys.

How Does It Work?

Customers must sign up and fill out a detailed profile. This is necessary, because when companies do their research, they look for a very specific, targeted market to be sure they are getting the most accurate information.

You can choose to elect yourself for specific studies or interviews being done in your area, for which you must take individual surveys or questionnaires to see if you qualify, and if you do you will be notified.

Once you’ve completed your in person or online market research study, you will be offered payment, which generally amounts to between $45 and $250 for in person interviews and varies for online research. This payment is generally offered via a pre-paid Visa card, check, gift card, or cash.

Is It Legit?

Market research in general is a legitimate industry with which to make extra money, and specifically seems very legit as well. They put their members through all the necessary questionnaires and surveys to make sure they are qualified for the studies, and they offer legitimate forms of monetary compensation when the study is concluded.

In addition, promises they will never ask their members to purchase products, take part in promotions, or any other sales activities, which isn’t true of many other market research companies.

Because of this, certainly seems like an honest company that may be worthwhile for users who are interested in making extra money using market research.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " FocusGroup Reviews " is 1.75 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
  • This company is not legit. I now know this to be true. I started taking surveys in March 2023. I finally made enough points to request a gift card redemption of $25.00 in early June 2023. I made a request June 12th. I have sent three emails between then and now and no one is handling the situation. They are not a valid company and do not honor redemption requests as they say they will. They will waste your time and never offer anything in return as they say they will.
  • I know they're constantly carpet-bombing Craigslist with "amazing opportunity" ads that promise hundreds of dollars for short focus group sessions. It doesn't look very legitimate to me. If it were on the level, would they advertise it by spamming dozens of copies of the same classified ad over and over every day? That's not what a legitimate organization does.
  • Seems like the purpose is to get your info by "applying" to the paid studies (and then you never hear back from if you were accepted or not). Pretty tricky of them and I fell for it too many times..
  • OK, Led Balloon, this organization is collecting your demographic and selling you to the abyss of businesses that believe you may be a customer. The should be investigated within the scope of consumer protection.

    Don't waste your time - its bull. If you decide to jump into the fire - watch the solicitations to your phone and email go thru the roof.
  • Based on everything I've read I think this company needs to be investigated. I for one will not pursue opportunities with this firm because it sounds like a way of getting a lot of personal information with no guarantee of selection or compensation. Once your private information

    is out there you have no control over where it ends up.
  • Not a scam! I applied for about 2 weeks before I qualified for a focus group. Remember They are looking for specific people for specific things. Just because you aren't the demographic they are looking for doesn't make it a scam. Finished my focus group last Friday and received payment.
  • So, after reading thru all reviews regarding "" I, too, logically and due to past experiences unflinchingly conclude it is a "enter at your own risk" type of scenario. My conclusion comes after carefully considering all reviews, but more specifically the one, and the only one positive review submitted. Review posted by "TB" on September 7th, 2018.

    Now, most people would be curious of the reason for choosing the only positive review over all negative reviews submitted. My reasoning, too much excitement within a sea of negativity that will ultimately extinguish any over the top excitement.

    Now, after reading the review I began to monitor for that follow up review, but it never came. The review was so positive and exciting that, to me in my opinion, "TB" was a one-hundred percent attending his "focus group" qualified participant. I was expecting to see that review saying that the focus group went good and that financial payment was obtained, but, yeah, nothing at all.

    I feel it is safe to conclude and pass along that "" is one giant waste of time that likely would be better put to something different.
  • They ask you a series of questions which is related to the focus then advise you that you do not qualify. It might not be a scam but it is definitely a waste of time and your privacy that you expect to give up for pay or compensation that 99% of the time is not coming. AVOID this site especially if you see youtube vids about it. It seems to be one big word of mouth refer a friend.
  • Sounds shady, I could never give my personal information on the net, you don't know if it's legit or not, it could be a copy cat. It's so easy to put a phony website up, it's horrible, or they do sell your information. Just like adding your information on career builder that's when I start to get all kinds of crazy emails. or phone calls. Put my resume on indeed not I'm getting other emails from other job sites, I'm particular, but mess up when I put my resume on career builder, it's how I got here.
    • My blocker won't even let the Apex Focus Group email load... all it is is a cookie, not even a form for me to fill out - convenient in a way.
  • I feel the same way this is bullshit they are selling my info don't fall for it pass this on to everyone!!!!!!
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