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from 17 reviews Review It is the home of Focus, which claims to be the newest leader in actionable-education. They provide their students with customized, one-on-one training to become successful in the world of online business.

Unlike other, traditional educational schools or forums, FocusLC specifically targets the various online business industries that have been growing, and claims to train people with the skill they need to succeed in online business in the field of your choosing.

Focus offers over 100 hours of state of the art training videos, step-by-step tutorials, and written coursework. In addition, you will be given one-on-one mentoring by professionals successful in the industry to help you even further.

If you are interested in online business and are looking to become successful through personalized training that caters specifically to your needs, then may be for you.

In order to become a Focus student, you must contact them directly to speak with one of their representatives. Their toll free phone number is 1-877-436-5229.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " FocusLC " is 1 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.
  • I don't understand how this business is still operating. Why have the FTC not shut them down yet???? I filed a complaint with the FTC but nothing happened. I see several other scam companies being caught & shut down so what is the problem shutting focuslc down?
  • This company sucks and is nothing but a total scam. It is information you can get free off the internet if your looking to sell on ebay. That is their business plan for you...selling on ebay. Nothing is what you get if you believe this company yet they charge thousands and thousands of dollars. Then the other calls you will get afterwards from affiliated company's who are also scams and want thousands of dollars. This company and all the one's associated with them will do you harm at the sake of filling their own pockets with your cash and your left in debt.
    • Hello, I signed up as well in Oct. 2015..I paid in $1200 for absolutely nothing... I got out the program in Dec.2015 becuz I realizing I was paying into a scam n getting nothing out of it... ButI still owed $3000, but I refuse to pay... I get a call like every 7 months saying they like me to pay $500 n I'll settle the debt...But I tell I'm not paying a dime...So I just got call yesterday saying they want me to pay $500 n if I don't they will bring in attorneys in n then start garnishing my wages. Which in fact it never even went in to collections...
  • I think they changed their names to and and Gogodropshipping. I can't believe I fell for all of the baloney. I did get my money back from Gogodropshipping, but not after sinking almost $7000 into ITTCareer and then about $12,000 to RyzeServices.

    Like one of the previous people said, they're based out of Utah. Such scumbags. They really know how to go after your weak spots and to work on you. Then they keep telling you, you need to sink more money into it, to be able to do what you originally were told you were going to be able to do (or that you thought you were going to be able to do) with your first large investment.

    I don't know how these people sleep at night. True psychopaths that prey on innocent people.
    • Hello, I also did the same thing except I complained to the BBB and they removed my complaint after not even refunding me. I am going to add it back on there then file a complaint on this, it has been over a year of back and forth on what to do about this issue. Did you end up getting a full refund? Just curious, I read some other online reviews about people getting a refund. I am so ready to get my lawyer involved. I agree with you, how do they do this to people?? It is insane, did you see the replies below about contacting to file a complaint on them? I am going to try that and see where that goes. Mine were different companies it was envy design, prime corporate services and some other coaching team (over $15,000 all together) my credit card companies did nothing about removing the charges even after I said it was a scam and they basically stole it because they didn't do as they said they would do).
  • my story is similar to the others on this forum - has any action been taken against them? The company I signed up with was called advantage coaching, and I also got nabbed by Ignite, Gogo Dropshipping and Prime Corporate Services

    Would love some advice
  • If you want to put real pressure on this company ( I certainly do ) then everyone needs to contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) I contacted them in 2012 when I was scammed of $12,000. I contacted the BBB, CFPB (consumer financial protection bureau) the office of the comptroller of the currency customer assistance group, the comptroller of the currency administrator of national banks, and the list goes on. I got no help. I was given good information from the Federal Trade commission saying they can't go after a company due to one person complaining, it takes several complaints before they will investigate the company. Although I posted this on some of the many complaints boards, I don't know how many took the time to do it so again just as all of you have been scammed out of thousands of dollars, no one has gotten any refunds and our all alike our best bet and only chance is to go on-line to the FTC site and fill out a claim against the company.....EVERYBODY !!!!!!! we could get something done by this action. on by the number of complaint's will it ever be investigated. they took your money now lets shut them down. anyone need any help searching focus lc and all the past names they have used type in the search bar focuslc and scams and have a few hours to read the information.
    • I am unsure on which category to file it under. It falls under Rip offs/scams but after that there is not one that fits this category.

      Thank you
    • Hello, I also complained to the BBB and they removed my complaint after not even refunding me. I am going to add it back on there then file a complaint on this (Thank you so much for this advice), it has been over a year of back and forth on what to do about this issue. Did you end up getting a full refund? Just curious, I read some other online reviews about people getting a refund. I am so ready to get my lawyer involved. I agree with you, how do they do this to people?? The companies that got me were envy design, prime corporate services and some other coaching team (over $15,000 all together) my credit card companies did nothing about removing the charges even after I said it was a scam and they basically stole it because they didn’t do as they said they would do).I sure hope we all get refunds soon, I will keep on fighting. You know what made me realize it was a scam? The list I was given of "drop shippers" was so unorganized and the "coaches" weren't even helping. When they sent me the link to my "website" it was terrible and I send the link to a friend to review it and see what he thought he said it took him to a completely different site than it did on my computer (we sent each other screen shots) I immediately called the main dude who called me and he said "I cant help you and you will not get a refund" along with some other BS. We need to keep on fighting this thing until we ALL get refunded.
    • go to the federal trade commission ( fill out a complaint with them. the more people who do this the better chance of shutting them down.
  • can we all get together and file a class action suit? this really does have to stop. Somebody please help us. Some high profile hero, please. I have just started with my first complaint being on scambook. Please someone who has great resources to take this group on legally, come to our aid. The more I read about this the more I realize that something has to be done. I say we give it some time not sure how long, and then if there is no resolution we form a vigilante and carefully research where these people are coming and going from, where they live, who their family members are and then catch up with them one by one and make them pay for what they have done to us. Somehow this has to be exposed for what it is. They have ruined peoples lives. Now it's time some of their lives be taken. I want them to beg first. I realize this sort of action is getting down on their level, but obviously nothing else has worked so far.
    • I to would love to shut these ppl down..Becuz they took $1200 from a mom I support a disabled child...$1200 just doesn't grow on trees for me..But they had no problem taking after I explained that this would help alot to be able to support my disabled child... Now I'm out $1200 after they assured me that I would be successful...All lies!!!
    • federal trade commission (FTC.GOV) fill out a complaint with them. the more that do this the better our odds.
  • I foolishly signed up with these guys after a 2+ hour long phone conversation that was very convincing that I would make money online with there program. Now that I have become involved with them , I have decided that this is a rediculous claim and have asked for a refund of my money back to which they have declined so far.They say that there was a 3 day window to cancel only, but at that time I still had no idea what I was getting in to, so I was not able to make an educated choice at this point.BE VERY AWARE. This place is a RIP OFF EXTROIDINAIRE. I am going to keep fighting this.
  • Started out with an email from a jewelry friend on facebook saying try these guys, I'm building my website with them, I called them up and they promised me I'd make $10,000 a month in 6 months. That was Focus LC. Same story as above, I gave them $15000.00 !!!! what the hell was I thinking? Fast money on the internet and it will be sooooo easy and you'll only have to do 3-4 hrs a week of work. NO WAY!!!

    What they claim is coaching is not coaching and I got no where fast and realized the ridiculous amount of legwork I'd have to do to make that kind of money on e-bay would take far longer than 6 months. 1 month into it and Then the phone calls started coming from other companies in other states saying they were affiliates, and then I called my credit card to cancel my charge and I was declined. They said you paid for coaching and you authorized the charge and you have to duke it out with the company and they didn't promise to make you any money only coach you, it's up to you. Nice! then they called and said it's time for the web builder opportunity and a manager Mark Francis with Ignite Web Builder under a company Marketecture got me hooked in for another $6000.00 saying to move forward and really make the kind of money I need would take the next step and He promised I'd make $3000.00 in 3 months or I'd get a refund. The site got built in Feb 2013, it looked like a cookie cutter with horrific design quality and the shopping cart still does not work properly and I have not one sale, not one ranking , not one email from even a casual observer. The SEO practices are not up todate and there is only an XML internal site map, there should be at least an HTML and a RSS site map - NOT! and their Back linking practices are totally discouraged by Google, Check out Web Master Guidelines and go to Link Schemes. These guys are all about words and no results, None!

    Don't do it!!! do your research like I didn't, at least google: ecommerce or ecommerce services and see who actually has the top rankings and go with them. Even check out to see some basic analytics of companies claiming to be hot! and they not! Check out Google Friendly Sites and get Google's opinion.
  • All of the above is very similar to my story. Run away!
  • Still not sure how Catalyst consultants ran across my number. To make a long story very short they kept me on the phone to the point I was willing to say yes to anything just to get them to go away. I truly believe each of them comes with a degree in psychology, not ebay marketing or drop shipping. They lull you into a sense of confidence in them. They are wonderful with words and after making you feel like you are one in very few select people who they have the privilege of qualifying for their consulting they tell you that you have the honor of paying them over 12,000 dollars for the exquisite purpose of providing them with testimonials. You, the community who cares, have saved me from these people. I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to lodge you complaints and feelings here. May God bless you all.
    • My wife and I have too been scammed by these guys sweet talking us for just over $5500. We did get the LLC for NC state and although I think the initial amount of $1500 was way too much I did pay and not really complaining about that. I am however complaining about Catalyst Coaching and Focuslc as I have just received an email stating that my subscription failed to go though for what I thought was completely covered when I paid the initial $5500 or so. Luckily the credit card they had on file had been compromised a month back and so they have no way of charging anything additional. I have called their billing department, spoke with a Tiffany and asked if I could have this so called contract I signed stating how much I agreed to and for how long. She has since avoided most of my calls and emails and today I just received a call back. The first go around she emailed me but forgot to send the attachment. Second round I got the same email but with an attachment with a generic "Terms of Service Agreement" dated 2009. I called back and asked her where on this is my name and where does it say how much. She went around in circles reading what is said on the terms of service but I still do not have anything in writing saying I agreed to anything monthly which I would not have willingly signed for after paying out over $5500. I am looking to sue these guys for every penny but think it would be great if we can all get together and do this. I think if more people bring up a lawsuit, they will be forced to settle probably out of court. Please let me know if anyone is having any thoughts of any lawsuits. I can be reached at [email protected]
    • I am so glad I could help you. Makes me feel good to know I saved at least one person from making the mistake I did.
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