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Fortune is an online education website that teaches its members the ins and outs of real estate investing.  Run by Than Merrill, Paul Esajian, and JD Esajian of A&E’s “Flip This House,” FortuneBuilders claims to have courses available to people of all levels of real estate investment experience.

Though this may seem like an odd time to become involved with real estate investment, fans of the show “Flip This House” understand that the concept behind Merrill’s investment theory is buying homes cheaply and finding ways to quickly and affordably fix them up for a solid profit return on your investment.

How Does FortuneBuilders Work?

Fortune Builders functions completely as an educational company.  Working with professionals in every aspect of the real estate industry, their course curriculum covers a wide range of real estate related topics, including but not limited to what to look for when buying an investment property, what remodeling projects offer good investment returns, how to deal with the tax implications of quickly buying and selling property, and how to successfully market and sell your property when the time comes.

Having recently been written up in Inc. magazine, FortuneBuilders is growing quickly.  Perhaps one of the best reasons why is the wide variety of ways they handle their classes.  You can take an in person seminar from one of the three owners or many faculty members referred to as a 4 Day Bootcamp seminar, which is a type of crash course to being successful in the real estate industry.

In addition to that, Merrill himself offers a brand new webinar each week on a topic relevant to investing in today’s volatile real estate market.  They also offer eBooks and online classes, in addition to a selection of DVD series on a variety of topics.

Finally, they offer the FortuneBuilders Mastery Implementation Coaching Program to a select group of members at a time. This series includes in-depth training from a variety of professionals who have been and continue to be successful in the real estate industry.

Is FortuneBuilders Right For You?

Fortune Builders claims to work with people of all different levels of experience, but what they aren’t clear about on their web page is what sort of resources you must have at your disposal to begin a career in real estate investing.

A quick glance of their DVD training series will be enough to stop many people, as the DVD training courses are priced at $1,197.00 each.  A further investigation shows that investing in many of their coaching programs often requires investments of thousands of dollars.

Though prices in the housing market as low as they’ve been in years, you’ll still need the time and money to purchase, fix up, and a market a home.  As these figures vary widely from region to region and project to project, Fortune Builders wisely makes no promises as to what is required from you for potential success.  But it does seem fairly clear that being serious about switching to a career in real estate investing will certainly require some significant investment capital.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Fortune Builders " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • I read ALL the reviews. IF anyone felt pressured into anything in my opinion at the 3 day seminar which I just attended, it most likely was what they had already decided was going to happen. Because perception is true to the individual, regardless of any facts to prove it, they got what they expected from it. If your mindset was to get something for nothing you'll always get what you've always gotten. Why would you expect different results without trying different choices? By the end of the first day what I got from the seminar was 100% ROI . the next 2 days were strictly bonuses! Yes I have no doubt all the information is available free somewhere on the internet, and your also free to make your own mistakes to learn from, of course you also have to pay for those mistakes on your own. How many times can you do that before you either lose more than you can afford or you give up for fear of making more mistakes you can't afford. On the other hand how many properties following the're system would you have to complete to not only pay back your investment into yourself and learn from mistakes of others and don't duplicate them. All while having access to resources and successful coaches and mentors in person with a proven, duplicatable, documented successful system that's making money for a helluva lot of people. IF YOU do exactly what they did to get there you could to! And if you ask for it, there always there to help you become successful too. Not everyone is able to leave there comfort zone and believe in themselves enough to yes take a risk, the only guarantee in life is if you always do the same thing the same way, you'll always get what you've always gotten. Just because your not ready, don't belittle what other people are very successful in to generate sympathy for your shortcomings and poison those around you to justify your failure to change and take a chance.
    • 5000 complaints from people who never went and 1 logical person from someone who actually went. How does that even happen? I went to the 3 day thing and was in total awe of the things I learned. Yup, you can learn them for free. But you can learn the college stuff for free too. Man, Harvard is a scam. Anyway, the program I want is 50k. It's good for 2 yrs. You get all the training, all the software, all materials, all the coaching, and so on. I'm a realtor with Keller Williams. As an agent I pay them a fee every month and every time I see a house. As an agent you can easily spend 20k a yr in fees and stuff. Then you have to pay for marketing and more for coaching. So, what's the difference here? And all the way through the seminar they repeated over and over and over, this isn't a get rich quick thing. You get out of this what you put in. We are here to help you, not do it for you. And so on.
    • Very Well said Randal. Thank you and God Bless.
    • Hi Randal,

      Did you get into the mastery program? I'm genuinely interested in your take on it
  • i have an up coming 3 day workshop next month with Fortune Builders and i want to say i m really excited to attend. i don't have much money but i do have the motivation and the drive to keep pushing myself. I want to leave a legacy for my kids and have the confidence that Fortune Builders will me accomplish my goals.
  • My husband and I registered for this 3 days classes and I would love to tell you that paying $197 for this 3 full days training classes which will educate yourself ----> I have no doubt to sign for this class. with this price you can bring anyone with you oh hell yeah!

    I spend on shopping more than $197 well this is no problem to learn more. I have rental properties and also flipped house before but getting myself more educations I def go for it.
  • Thank you. I am planning on going to the 3-day workshop. Like you I love what I do and I am not looking to change my career I am looking for something that will help supplement my income. I have an 11-year-old son and 3-year-old grandson to care for.
    • Save your money and time... your better off getting a real estate license. The numbers and facts are all wrong. This is a waste of time and money. I attended 3 day course and it was a waste of time, and money.
  • Yeah, the speaker also mentioned God and...well, a line to get self motivation (or lack of hooked). I won't try to get my 70$ down back per se but its justifiable I can't "afford" the remaining 130$ which isn't the last, behind another tidalwave upsell. Those informercials are as objectively comical as Androzene late nites. Remember Vintage Tom Vu. Yeah...laugh it all off.
  • Mike, this is regarding the federal trade commission investigation. I have a lot of information I'd like to provide. Please respond with your contact information.
    • Considering the year long course, have given $2500 down on a $25,000 course and have until Sat Nov. 28 to get a refund. I would think if it were a scam that they wouldn't leave a window to get a refund.

      Please send any relevant info. Thank you
    • Please send info
    • Hey Former fb employee if you are still on this feed let me know. I have a couple of questions.
  • thanks for all of the comments in this room,

    I am sure that I've learned more in about FB in one hour than I'll ever learn in three days thanks I'm not going to waste my time in the three class.
    • Randal Fox has said everything that needs to be said. If there is anything I can add it would be the Fact that the 3 day event was Definitely worth every penny of the 200 I paid for the classes. Mellisa Ray if you listen to other people instead of finding out for yourself you will always miss opportunities that could change your life. people that don't know or haven't experienced it for them self loveeee to talk about how much they know about something they've never done more research on than google.
  • In reading so many varied reviews on here, I decided to put in my honest, cautious but smart 2 cents experience/opinion about Fortune Builders. I attended the 2 hr seminar back in March 2016 and then decided to go ahead and spend the almost $200 for the 3 day and attended that in October 2016. Me- I'm a 25yr RN raising 3 grandkids by myself. I am not ashamed to work hard, which I believe is the only real way to get anywhere regardless of the business you are in. I love Nursing, but my life has been quite overwhelming for a couple of yrs now and the only way to change it is to make a change. The Seminar- I did get a lot of information from the seminar and yes there is some fluff to get interest in the Mastery Program. I never felt pressured to do anything. In fact the speaker was extremely motivating, regardless if I chose to do anything in real estate or something else. I utilized some of the break times, etc to talk individually with the speaker and others from Co that were there. I asked questions and they answered. I did NOT do the Mastery program as I have no money or credit cards and even they did not feel it would be fiscally responsible to do anything with retirement funds. I expressed continued interest to learn from them. They gave me some suggestions to start looking at learning from. Approx a week after the seminar someone called from there and I have talking to her 1-2 times a week since then. I have NOT given them any money. She is working with me in baby steps to be able to start a business and she emphasizes being fiscally responsible. Overall- Any change is somewhat of a risk, a bit scary, and exciting. I remain cautious, but open. They have not given me any reason to doubt they are assisting me and hope that I will be successful. I have no complaints at this time as they have been helpful and I hope to continue moving forward. I hope this helps someone out there in their decision to work with Fortune Builders to make a change in their life.
  • I paid $25K and frankly it wont work for the average person. They target people with the resources and then do the heavy sell. I wish I knew I could have gotten my money back . I had a family emergency right after I paid the money and have been unable to make this program work. I cant get money with no money down and bandit signs are illegal in most communities.
  • FB is currently advertising to come back to my city (Kansas City, Mo) next week and I feel compelled to alert anyone planning or thinking about attending. First, if you think Than Merrill will be leading the seminar (as he implies i his commercials) its not going to happen. You will only see Than on a video they will show you. Second, unless you have a large amount of money, BEWARE. They will tell you about purchasing property using other people's money, what they will not tell you is that it is rare to find a true 100% lender, in most cases you will need either your own money or find a secondary or "gap" lender to complete your transaction. I can tell you from experience finding a secondary lender, while possible, is not easy to find. Keep in mind the use of a secondary lender also takes away from your profit margin. What they also do not emphasize in the class is the cost involved in starting and maintaining your own company, the cost of advertising, getting and maintaining a real estate license, to put it simple you need money. All this is in addition to the cost Fortune Builders charges to join. And also know they will teach you about systems they have and use such as RealFlow and the credit building companies they use (which are at additional costs). We joined in November of 2015 and to date we have yet to find a property to sell, rehab or hold. I short we have paid out more than we have earned (to date we have earned $0.00). Unfortunately we fell for the hype, used our savings to join only to find out we needed more and more money to just keep going, money we don't have. So I want to do what FB won't do which is to fully educate anyone thinking about signing up so you can make a truly informed decision. Once they get you passed the 2 hour seminar into the next class they will finally drop the true dollar amounts needed to join and while they advertise they are looking for "a small group of investor" they are truly looking for as many people that will agree to pay. Bottom line, unless you have a large amount of capital set aside to spend, steer clear away. They will inundate you with info and stories that you will never relate to.
    • So is the Mastery program something worth the $30-&50k? Or is it a scam? I’m on my 3rd day and trying to decide wether do invest in FB Mastery Program or take my chances on my own using google searches and books for my education?
    • hahaha yeah right.. thanks for educating us in not falling for their SCAM, I believe you and I'd rather save my money than wasting it away on false advertising from greedy people that just want to take your money.
    • update:

      After my post I did have a chance to speak with someone at the company and they were very open to my feedback and very helpful with my concerns. I look forward to continuing my education with them.
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