Four Corners Alliance Group Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Four Corners Alliance Group, found online at, is a new independent business opportunity which claims to give people the ability to earn money from home quickly and effectively.

This program is promoted as a multi level marketing program, or MLM program, which means that users have two separate ways of earning money. The first is to sell products, and the second is to recruit new members to become Four Corners Alliance Group representatives.

The Four Corners website says that members who sign on at this early stage of the process should be ready to earn large amounts of money, as this earning opportunity is “about to explode.”

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the products they offer their customers are all the educational tools and resources they will need to be successful internet marketers. Members will sign up and begin to learn all the necessary tricks and skills of the trade.

Once customers begin to feel comfortable and are able to establish their own online business, the products that they will be selling are these very same educational tools and resources so that they can begin selling these products themselves.

To begin, the website says that customers just need to sign up, provide all their information, and pay an initial fee of just $18. However, customers should expect a monthly fee for as long as they need to have access to this company’s resources.

The Problems

The Four Corners Alliance Group is a really common internet marketing based multi-level marketing opportunity. There are many, many other programs which offer to sell people everything they need for a successful MLM business, which then relies on these members turning around and selling the same tools in the same way to new members.

The fact that this company actually is selling a series of products technically disqualifies it from being a pyramid scheme, which is a money earning opportunity that promotes itself as an MLM, but is really just a scheme where new members pay in the fees which pay out the older members, with no real products being sold.

However, even though this is not technically a pyramid scheme, it’s also not necessarily a good opportunity. An example of a long sustainable MLM business is Mary Kay or Avon, a company that has two distinct earnings opportunities: customers that purchase the products and customers that become representatives.

Four Corners, on the other hand, is really only providing a single opportunity – convincing people to become representatives – and this is not only the harder of the two earnings, but it also has a short shelf life. Eventually the internet will be saturated with people all selling this same opportunity, and the ability to bring in new members will eventually dry up.

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