Free Affiliate Club Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Free Affiliate Club is a website which claims to give anyone access to a simple to use system that is almost 100% automated, and can give people the ability to earn a lot of money in a short period of time.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular form of online income where the at home worker partners with an established company to market their goods or services through a variety of methods.

When these forms of promotion result in sales, affiliate marketers earn a commission on the sale. Generally websites that are promoting this type of business opportunity are actually giving you access to a training program.

Is Free Affiliate Club Legit?

Free Affiliate Club is not actually an opportunity; instead, it is a lead capture page. This means it is a webpage that is meant to collect information from interested parties, and then pass that contact information on to other companies.

For example, after you submit your information to the page you may be rerouted to, an affiliate marketing company which claims to get you set up with a free custom website and help you start making money immediately.

At another time, however, you may be sent to the sales page of Home Income Kit, a well known link posting opportunity that has already been reviewed here. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern; Free Affiliate Club just forwards people on to one of their various partners.

The Bottom Line

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate industry in which to work and make money from home. Many companies which sell affiliate marketing training programs, however, are unimpressive and most importantly unethical.

Many of these companies claim to have a “one time fee” but then they will constantly contact you regarding upgrades and new purchases. Other companies have refund policies that are nearly impossible to actually use, and others are so bad they will actually start charging your credit card with hidden fees once they have the number.

It is important to research each opportunity online before you ever input a credit card number. If a company has any of these issues, people are usually pretty vocal about it online. Other issues may become apparent as well.

Even if a company seems legit, it is always a good rule of thumb to simply research the affiliate marketing industry online at free resources first, so you have a basis on knowledge to use when evaluation a program.

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