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Free Cash Machine
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Free Cash Machine


Free Cash Machine is a website that offers its members the chance to earn $60 a day for an unlimited amount of time, with zero out of pocket money. You just need to follow their 4 step process on completing offers for the company ZipNadaZilch.

ZipNadaZilch is a company that rewards its members for signing up for trial offers given by their partner companies. After you complete a certain number of offers, you can request a $60 gift card. There is no limit to how many gift cards you can qualify for.

Completing your initial offers with ZipNadaZilch may cost you up to $10, but as long as you sign up with the referral number offered by Free Cash Machine, your PayPal account will be reimbursed $15 after you earn your first $60.

In addition, Free Cash Machine offers you the chance to work as one of their lead generators finding new customers for ZipNadaZilch. You would have the ability to create a website similar to the one you signed up with in order to create your own system of referrals for which you will earn credit.

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