Free Money Guaranteed Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Free Money Guaranteed, found online at, is a new type of trading software that promises that people with no knowledge or experience of trading will be able to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few weeks.

This software, created by Robert Anderson, has been designed to work specifically binary options investments, a specific type of investment that asks people to decide whether a particular stock will rise or fall in value during a pre-determined amount of time, which can be as short as 60 seconds.

People seem to like this type of investment because it seems simple and it provides a very quick profit if you are accurate in your predictions. Free Money Guaranteed is promising to analyze all the information and make the correct predictions on your behalf.

The Promises

According to their website, customers are invited to use this software completely for free. The only particular thing that this company asks of you, is that you must register with their chosen trading partner, which is currently listed as Glenridge Capital.

Once you’ve established your Glenridge account and deposited the necessary $200 to begin trading, you will be able to start using the Free Money Guaranteed software to make your investments for you.

This software is so comfortable promising their users guarantees on profits that they offer something called the $100,000 Guarantee. This Guarantee states that if, for any reason, you do not make a minimum of $525,500 in Net Profit in the first 30 days of using their program, Robert Anderson will pay you $100,000 via a wire transfer to the bank of your choosing, no questions asked.

The Problems

Free Money Guaranteed is not just one more trading robot in an internet full of worthless trading robots, but it may be the worst one yet as it is making some of the most ridiculous promises of any available software on the market.

First people should know that their $100,000 Guarantee is nothing more than a sales gimmick intended to get people to sign up for their service and buy into their extreme promises, when the truth is that this company earns money simply by getting people to sign up with their chosen trading platform, Glenridge Capital.

Once this company has earned their commission, they no longer have any interest in making sure their members actually earn money, and their Guarantee is not a legal policy because it’s not printed in their legal Terms & Conditions – it’s just a picture on sales page.

Customers who are interested in binary trading would be much better off reading and studying this type of trading and working with a platform and a licensed adviser directly, than relying on one of these unethical and pointless systems.

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