Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 14 reviews Review It is the online home of FreeBitcoin, a company that says they want to give people an opportunity to win Bitcoin just by playing games, and at no cost to themselves.

For people who aren’t familiar with Bitcoin, it is a special type of digital “cryptocurrency” which means that it doesn’t have any physical existence. Instead, it exists entirely online and is used in a peer-to-peer, or person-to-person format.

Their website says that Bitcoin is being accepted by more and more businesses and retailers each day, and even has a way of growing in value over time as market trends change, just like any other world currency.

The goal of is to give people who are either new or beginners to this currency a way to begin earning and investing it completely for free, with the simple act of playing a game.

The Promises

This website begins by telling people they will give them the chance to “win free Bitcoins every hour.” Each hour, their members will have an opportunity to play a “simple game” where they can win up to $200 in free Bitcoins.

Once you begin wining your currency, you will be given a second opportunity to multiple your Bitcoins by playing a “Hi-Lo” game that they say has been “designed to be provably fair by using a combination of math and cryptography.” Customers can win up to one Bitcoin each time they play.

Members are also asked to refer their friends and family members to this website to participate in the games as well. Whenever someone you refer plays the games on their websites, you will automatically receive 50% of whatever they win.

Finally, they also provide members with an option to play a weekly lottery for which you will be given free tickets whenever you or someone you have referred plays their free Bitcoin game.

The Problems

Certainly Bitcoin is a real type of currency that has been popular for awhile and has been considered a potentially good investment depending on who you listen to. The fact that this website deals in Bitcoin does not create an issue with its legitimacy.

The most significant problem with this website is the sheer lack of information it provides. While they spend a lot of time and effort explaining Bitcoin, how it works, and how it is valued to their potential customers, they spend almost no time at all explaining to their customers how their “game” works and why it results in them giving you free Bitcoin.

Just like with any other money making opportunity on the internet, a company that isn’t willing to tell you where or how your money is being made is a company that simply should not be trusted.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Reviews " is 2.29 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.
  • I made 25 euros in 2016 with this website, they were quite honest but I really doubt they multiply BTC (every single time I staked most of my money I lost), I claimed the free btcs hundreds of times but never got any major win and today the site is down...
  • This site is SCAM, don't bother to play it. you see the generated amount bitcoin inside ? It's looping.
  • Withdraw my money and got them on my btc wallet in 24 hours.
  • just 4hrs ago my 22000 satoshi vanished from my account. checked through some review websites like trustpilots found similar incidents found that multiply btc auto bets your btc by bot/admin. checked same thing happened to me. don't know if it is technical problem just don't deposit in freebitco it is not safe.
  • (comment #2)

    Oh, I tried to send my Bitcoin over to my other wallet but the thief at FreeBitCoin must have been sitting right there waiting for to do that, after our numerous emails back and forth where he insulted me with numerous cursewords...

    And in the middle of my process to move the Bitcoin IMMEDIATELY he closed my account and stole my Bitcoin.

    So I'm going to make that punk thief a "YouTube star."
  • Noticed my FreeBitCoin "Free Roll" went down from 20 satoshi to 6 per hour, when my Bonus Bitcoin account produces around 50 to 80 satoshi per hour depending on the price of Bitcoin. A customer service tech cancelled my account and stole all my satoshi (a considerable portion of a Bitcoin) an 15 minutes ago because I asked him why my "free roll" satoshi was only 6, and he kept reading his prefab answer from a script hanging in his cubicle. He claimed to own FreeBitCoin, which is preposterous, because with 23 million users, there's no way in hell the OWNER and I are going to exchange a total of 15 emails back and forth.

    (caution: cursewords sent to me in the emails by the low level tech who stole my money appear in my written experience below.)

    When he started calling me an "asshole" and a "whiny crybaby" I said "I never cursed at you, why are you doing it now?"

    He said, "I'm going to close your account."

    And before my eyes, I watched my account close and a year and a half of hard work from 8 Bitcoin Faucets that I deposited into my FreeBitCoin account disappear, like a fart in the wind.

    FreeBitCoin stole my entire account because the low level tech who pretended to be the owner was butthurt that I wasn't buying his stupid script as to why I was only getting 6 satoshi per hour when others are getting a whole lot more, doing the exact same thing I was doing.

    Then he called me a "dickhead" and said "These kinds of things happen to dickheads like you." AFTER he stole my money.

    If you think that FreeBitCoin is going to help you... NO.

    If you think FreeBitCoin is a safe place to store money? NO.


    My sponsor on FreeBitCoin had 0.15 Bitcoin disappear from his account on FreeBitCoin and he's stupid enough to keep putting more on there? He's at 0.4 Bitcoin there right now, and I'm going to laugh at him when they steal his whole amount instead of just part of it.


    I'm going to make reports everywhere I can and then focus on a YouTube campaign that shows all of my email interactions with the tech in India who stole all my Bitcoin be ause he couldn't "win an argument" when there was never even any argument. He just couldn't answer the truthful question with a truthful answer. So... The Bitcoin amount I had...

    I guarantee he's already added it to his own FreeBitCoin account.
    • Same thing. Guy insulted me, I couldn't believe my eyes when I found reply with so many curse words. After reporting them, their leaderboard started to show different users winning, but I bet it is only one guy collecting all the money other deposit and "win".
  • It pay but you will loose when u keep on I would advise not to keep on playing if you win a few satoshis
  • Customer Service does not exist for starters. In their FAQ's they state they do not respond to emails if the questions have been addressed in the FAQ's. This is a lie as they do not respond to anything. They even ignore legitimate complaints. My account was hacked and the account balance was lost and they did nothing, nor did they offer to do anything. They will let you win small wagers but if you increase the bet to say 5000 satoshis I watched the numbers spin and spin as if it was resetting itself and I lost hand after hand yet the games are provably fair and you have a 47.50% chance of winning. Lottery winners are reserved to their highest bettors and depositors. Due to aggressive attacks to their reputation their lottery has went from several bitcoin to less than a half a coin. There are a couple other faucets that are much better. Contact me for details.
    • your are right... my satoshi vanished from my account itself, it was around 15000. i m stopping working here.
  • My personal experience with this site is good. Of course the chances of getting a big prize are little, so this is why a lot of people are loosing their satoshi easily.

    I am get all my rewards, in every roll, and I got pass 30000 satoshi some months ago.

    At the present time I am getting my daily interest for the amount I keep in my account and I' m getting payed everyday. I also had the chance to withdraw my satoshi with no problems and worked perfectly. So, my final and sincere evaluation: totally legit and honest.
  • They take all your money look at stats they have a profit of over 100000 bitcoins. They are a scam. I qsked for a live draw with lottery and they wont respond. I think its just made up numbers and they keep it all
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