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Freedom Agency Online


Freedom Agency Online is a new work at home business opportunity that is making its way around the internet. The advertisements for this program use the standard advertorial template, in this case featuring the story of a work at home mom who’s using this system to make an incredible income from home.

These advertorials or “fake news sites” are incredibly deceptive and have been greatly abused by a variety of marketers. They’ve been used to sell everything from diet pills to a plethora of work at home opportunities like Freedom Agency Online.

The affiliates using these tools have gotten so lazy that many times they don’t even update their news template before promoting a new product. If you actually take the time to thoroughly go through one of these advertorial sites you’ll find a bunch of inaccuracies and red flags.

When you do get to the main sales page for Freedom Agency Online you’ll also find lots of red flags and tricky marketing tactics. In fact the first thing that you see on the website is a statement saying that work from home opportunities have been featured on FoxNews, MSNBC, USATODAY, ABC, and CNN.

This is a basic credibility building technique, notice how the statement doesn’t say that Freedom Agency Online has been featured on those sites, moreover it doesn’t say in what capacity or provide links to the details.

The next statement claims that within 5 minutes of getting the program you could be making up to $87 per hour. All with no prior experience or any kind of special skills, and more importantly that there’s only a limited number of spots available.

Again these types of statements are designed to appeal to your emotions and create a false sense of urgency, getting you to make a rash decision without doing your due diligence.

So is Freedom Agency Online a Scam or Legit?

It’s hard to say what the opportunity actually is since there are multiple sales pages using this name brand. One was claiming that the course will teach you how to make money posting links (affiliate marketing) and another claimed that the course was going to teach you how to profit from eBay wholesaling products.

While both methods are legitimate methods of building an online business they are definitely not as easy as the hyped sales pages make them seem. No one makes money online with no skills and within the first day of starting.

Before you buy any work at home product make sure to read the terms and conditions and understand their refund policies. In the case of Freedom Agency Online their policy states that you must actively try to the program for 20 days before being eligible for your 30 day refund.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Freedom Agency Online " is 1.28 out of 5 based on 47 reviews.
  • Definitely a scam! I kinda lost track of purchasing this and when i went back in to finally sit down and get into the link to the login page doesn't work. It takes you to a page with links for car rentals. WTF? Even when you think you know better, $90 down the drain. I really thought i had done my research when i purchased this but i was duped!
  • this company is a total scam if not a fraud. got my money back and got a new credit card. then told the scumbag bigshot or whimp he should get federal prison time and I told him I hope he becomes some 350 pound prisoners main Punch. what morons
  • Freedom Agency Online, Cory Comstock, told me I would be getting a free laptop computer. That was over 1 month ago. I still haven't seen the laptop. I really have gotten the run around and loads of excuses from Cory. When I called Jason McElroy, the Sr. Director, about the laptop, he hasn't bothered to call me back. However, the introduced me to Power Seller College.
    • You should contact the attorney general in your area and see if there is anything that can be done. Maybe at least an investigation can be done and charges be placed. Maybe a class action lawsuit. God willing you will get some of your money back but if not maybe they will go to prisons.

      You could be the one to help congress write laws to fight against

      these people.

      This company is doing radio ads in my area so I checked them out. Because of your statement you are saving me. Thank you.
    • I wish I would have seen this sooner. I am a 78 year old senior citizen on social security. I am barely able to cover my bills. I had found an ad about making money online. I am normally so leery but I gave them 77$. That is when my nightmare started. I got a call from Amanda who then had me talk to her sr. director Cory Comstock. Cory convinced me to put over 10,000$(that is so embarrassing) on my credit card to get help and learn how to make money on ebay. I was told certain things would happen and it sounded good. He made me believe that I could do it and be successful even though i dont get round on computer too well. I did it and worked hard at it and spent so much time trying to make cory proud. 5 months later I haven't made any money and what he explained to me over the phone is not what I was given. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed. My kids are so mad at me. One thing i did get was a laptop computer they promised. I did get that. I feel taken advantage of and cannot afford my bills anymore. I cry at night. I don't know what to do. I have called my credit card and they said they cant help me. Anyway I don't know if anybody has had a different experience with these people but Cory Comstock and Amanda don't seem to be on the up and up. I lost 10,000 dollars and they don't seem to care. Anybody have any advice for me?
  • I spoke to Better Business Bureau about freedomagency online they said they only know the state they are operating out of they do not recommend doing business with them. It's pretty obvious they are scammers or they wouldn't hide out like cowards. Its best to read reviews like these or contact the BBB for advice before purchasing anything like this .....or shall I say pretty much any thing online anymore it's just getting worse and worse.
  • This is yet another internet scam taking honest people's money. Please avoid at all costs. The information they provide can be found on the internet. They assure you a 30 day money back guarantee but when you call they say you must wait 20 days to get the refund. If you already signed up, DISPUTE it with your bank RIGHT AWAY! If you wait the 20 days and then request the refund, they say management has decided to change the guarantee to 7 days and now it is too late to request the refund.

    Scam artists is what this company is built on! They have no concern for you other than taking your money! All of their materials will have additional programs to buy which puts more money in their pocket which they have no intentions of returning. So there is NO risk free trial!!!!!!!!

    Please do not waste your time or money on them!
  • contacted agency by email to cancel membership; was contacted by a "support tech" next day by phone and was told (after trying to sell me the product again) must contact by phone and he gave me a phone # to call. I called several times and was told by the same female that I was after the 20 days but before the 30 day expiration --I was placed on hold to speak to an acct mgr, which she returned and said she would have him call back after she also, tried the hard sell-even offering a vacation pkg-I again called back and same female then tells me after asking for her supervisor,company manager, acct manager; that when she spoke to me last about the refund, "unfortunately, the next day, they changed their refund policy and you had to cancel w/in 7 days. Now I am stuck w/$149.99 charge on my credit card. THIS COMPANY IS FRAUD - I NEED A REFUND. HELP!
  • They have posted a refund in process to my supposed to receive my money back within 5 to 10 business days after days and days of trying and playing the waiting game since Feb 20 2012. They want to tire you so that you will give up. Name of the game folks plain and simple. Companies like this will lose momentum as they continue to treat people like this believe me they will eventually lose business and Fall. My advice don't be fooled like I was!!!!
    • Thank you to all who put up their stories. You saved me. Hope all of you are able to find what is needed. I am looking as well.
  • The bottom line is what comes around goes around....companies like this I promise will eventually lose momentum.....especially with people placing posts like these (thank you). Don't worry it might take time but they will eventually fall!!!! I am still waiting for a refund after 21 days of the waiting game. They put you off is the game. They want to tire you.
  • I foolishly purchased this product on Feb 20 2012 am very disappointed. Now am trying to get my money back they place you on a waiting game over the phone. Ignored my calls and the whole bit. Don't purchase this you will get ripped off!! I paid $79. this crud to Better Business Bureau!!!
  • Biggest SCAM online!!! i paid $50 for this BS and i called to get my money back and nobody is answering the phone now and it goes to voicemail!! do not sign up for this please save your money cause you wont get it back i promise you this!! is there any way i can get my money back?? if someone has an answer please respond to this thank you.
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