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FreedomSoft is new software meant to help anyone – including those without experience – make money investing in real estate. FreedomSoft claims to put all the resources you need to begin investing in real estate at your fingertips within minutes of signing up.

When you sign up with, you will be given your own websites which will be up and running within minutes, instant leads to find motivated buyers and sellers within your area, and software to create, auto-fill, and fax documents, including complicated contracts.

There are three different plans you may subscribe to, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, priced at $97/month, $197/month, and $297/month. If you choose to purchase a year’s full subscription up front, then you receive two months free.

If for some reason you are unhappy with the FreedomSoft software, you can cancel your subscription within the first 30 days of your order and receive your money back, no questions asked.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " FreedomSoft " is 1.89 out of 5 based on 53 reviews.
  • I am still taking action by reviewing sites, company profiles, and mentor advice. My safest suggestion is to take your time and be smart by reviewing and conducting backgrounds on any and all companies and individuals.

    I say this because I have read through some negative reviews that are vague and questionable. If you are not sure about a site or business go on the and do a search. Then, go on the major search engines and type the site or business name and at the end of the name type review. Consult with people you may know that hay some knowledge in these industries.

    Nothing is free in life and if you stay the course and work hard you can achieve results. If you fail that is a leaning experience to get up and keep running. Being truly successful is not easy. If so then, everyone would be successful.

    I own and operate a home improvement business and I took a leap of faith because I wanted to be in control my time. Now I am aiming for being more financially free.
  • I paid $37 and haven't got anything sent to me????
  • This is interesting! The majority of the complaints are in reference to "refunds". I am taking my time to go through the training and following the steps and I've found a motivated seller already. After spending 20+ years in the military, I've heard and seen all sorts of bad comments about serving in the military from former soldiers, family members, etc. All I can say is that it isn't for everyone. Just because one person is successful in it, doesn't mean everyone will be. However, if you haven't put forth the effort, you can't say it's a broken system. I am NOT taking Freedom Soft's side, they have people on their payroll to do that (lol). All I'm saying is in order for it to be a "scam", you have to prove that the system doesn't work AT ALL. If it's about a refund, that doesn't make the system a "scam", it just mean they have poor "customer service" (sort of like Wal-Mart). Go to your "Attorney General", Consumer Affairs, or whatever agency you so desire to get your refund. To be honest, you have to approach this like an actual business. Meaning you may need the assistance of others to help make your business more successful. I would always tell my soldiers "before I teach you the short-cuts, I'm going to teach you the proper way".

    My complaint(s): When searching for cash buyers, the most recent ones are from 2013 and older (it's 2016 Freedom Soft) in my state, even after using the "Advance Search"(I've searched EVERY county in my state) ; Microsoft MapPoint was discontinued as of 2014 (Windows 10 wasn't out yet and may not be compatible with older MapPoint software), so maybe they could utilize a different system and update their training material; No money means NO MONEY, so maybe they could stop advertising stating that you won't need ANY money. That's only a suggestion. You can't say "no money" then have a follow on sentence stating for a "small fee, fraction of the cost, etc". It's misleading and there's no way to convince anyone otherwise.

    That's about all I can think of at the moment. I'm actually working on my first deal and I may be able to make $5k-$10k. Just following the steps (except for Microsoft MapPoint.Lol). I wish EVERYONE the VERY BEST!
  • Freedomsoft / Ely Preston promised a no hassle refund for Freedomsoft purchase but refused to give one. I would not engage this person or company or you will get burned. I believe he is interest in fast cash at others expense, not real estate.
  • I was scammed by this company. It is now a Police matter.
  • For those of you who are having a hard time receiving your refund, file a complaint with your credit card company. They will often give you an immediate, though pending credit, and after they have investigated will make the credit permanent. Be sure to give them a copy of the 30 day money back guarantee, along with the date you signed up and a copy of your email canceling and requesting a full refund - and any other pertinent info. The credit card companies don't like their customers getting ripped off, and will pursue the issue on your behalf.

    Oh, and for all of you who have gotten stung - thank you for posting! You saved me from making the same mistake, and I appreciate that. If more consumers like you, would take the time to post like this, maybe fewer bullshit "opportunities" would reside on the Internet.

    Where are the legit opportunities???!!!
  • Its to early to tell if its good or bad. I have just started to watch and do as they say. So far it seems to be correct and innovative way to process leads. As far as the material about figuring out the mathematics of making the deals ,all rings correct. It is a little hard to follow the person doing the step by step presentation, But if you watch it a couple of times you will get it. As far as the comments here all sound like people that weren't listening when he said .Give it a try for 197 and you can request refund for thirty days So that means they charge you then if you don't like then request refund. Still to early for me to tell. If this is a scam then it is a very well thought out that provides many great thoughts and good advise. Anyone ever notice that people love to give bad reviews
    • You are so right sir People who have no idea of what or how to do something like this. Then they dont read dont pay attention and what is really bad is they dont learn... Every software and every company has something to teach you and for those like myself I learn how to get what I need so I dont have to sign up with someone else and then spend my time complaining like some of these losers.

      My advice spend more time using the program and studying it instead of promoting yourself to a "hater on social media" which pays you nothing.
  • Isnt all rich people crooks, someone always suffer from people making more money then they need, mcdonals Wal-Mart, it doesnt matter its the american way, hey make millions off of others barely feeding there kids. America is the way and face of crime. Leadership reflect attitude
    • Ok..... Commie-

      Talk about limited beliefs. I bet you’re the type that says “money isn’t everything”. Although you maybe half right in that statement however, it may not be everything, but it sure as hell makes things easier. Honestly, you sound like a anti- capitalist millennial that thinks communism is cool while you are sporting designer clothes... You sound like the type that thinks everyone (including the people who are lazy and don’t want to do anything ) all deserve an equal amount of money- I say to you, years after your comment, get out of my country and move to Russia.
    • and what communist country are you from??? In America you get out of a business or career what you put into it and YOU SHOULD BE REWARDED for the effort vs whinners like you who thinks the world owes them something. Your probably on welfare and gripping about the amount you get from the government.

      I AM NOT sticking up for this company. Don't know much about them but to call them crooks the way you have is totally wrong if its JUST BECAUSE THEY OWN A BUSINESS. How ignorant is your statement.....completely ignorant!!!!!! If you work.......and I doubt that you do........someone took a huge risk starting that business to give you a job.........again, I doubt that you have a job.
  • I stopped to look at the freedom stop web site and thr next thing I know they removed $197 from my debit card " which I have know way to know how they got hold of my card and will know try and find out how to get it back ??? from this shady company - do not even stop at this site it is a very unethical company !!!!!
    • I have had the software but have not had a chance to use it. Not the companies fault but my own. However I have no idea yet how good it is. If anyone here actually is using this program and can email me I would like to hear from you. I have been rehabbing for 15 years and would love to have a great system. I am now going to try it out. If anyone has any actual knowledge and real experience please let me know. No liars please !

      The person about saying they somehow got his card information sound like an idiot!

      [email protected]

    • That is thee stupidest thing I've ever heard. There's no way they could "remove $197 from your credit card" UNLESS YOU GAVE THEM THE STINKING CREDIT CARD NUMBER, YOU IDIOT.
  • rip off artists that are just crap I will never trust any website that's say I can make u more money that a real job cant liars and thieves!!!!!
    • They will not give you a refund. They told me they didn't even have a record of me joining,even though they continue to charge my card. Then, they said, they had no record of me canceling, even though I have an email from them saying they hate to see me leave. That email also said they cancelled all my products. It looks like I'll never get a refund and i'll have to cancel my debit card to get them to stop.
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