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from 2 reviews Review It is a website that promises to “pay people for receiving text messages,” by using their mobile smart phones to give them constant access to market research earnings opportunities.

Online market research is one of the oldest and most popular ways to earn money using the internet, as there are many, many companies willing to pay consumers for their insights into products, product development, marketing, and more.

This website says that customers who are interested in using this membership to earn money simply need a PayPal account and an cell phone number and they can register with their website for free.

How Does Work?

According to their website, most companies pay fees to large market research companies that find data they use to make further decisions regarding their products, services, good, and marketing decisions. says their goal is to cut out the middle man, and to provide surveys, ads, links, websites, or phone numbers directly to you and to ask you to complete basic tasks, like watching the ads, answering questions, or visiting a website for a specific amount of time in exchange for payments.

The website says they will send you an average of two texts a day, but not more, and that these texts will provide you with the specific information of what you will be required to do and the amount of money you will be paid when you have completed the task.

The Concerns

This company requires that all tasks be done through your smart phone – you will not be allowed to complete these tasks through other computer or tablet devices. This means that all mobile carrier’s messaging, data, rates, and fees will apply to any task you do for this company or any text messages you receive.

Another issue is that this website very casually mentions that any member of their website who signs up to receive their money making text messages will also receive links to “other content.”

Though the website is unclear about what this other content might be, their Privacy Policy is more clear, stating that becoming a member of their site gives them permission to share your contact information with political advertisers, commercial messaging companies, and other “material.”

They do say that users have a chance to revoke this permission by sending an email to [email protected], but without doing this users should expect to receive lots of marketing and advertising phone calls and text messages on their personal cell phone.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " FreeEats Reviews " is 3 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • People just need to learn how to read before they sign up for anything! Freeeats website is pretty transparent about what you will get and what they are about. If people cant take the time out to READ. THAT IS NOT FREEEATS ISSUES. in everything you do whether it is taking medicated drugs you should READ THE FINE PRINTS and do your investigations. No one forces anyone to do anything. Stop bitching. And to RM maybe they are telling you to link to your pay pal so they can pay you! lol. Folks are just lazy and want quick ways to earn money and get rich. They never claimed this or did they claim you will sit on your asses and do little to no work to earn money to pay your bills! Get a damn job!
  • I signed up for freeeats, linked my phone to paypal like they said needed to be done to get paid. I get text advertisements.everytime freeeats wants to put money into paypal they send me an email telling me to link my phone. i tried to contact free eats about this and after two weeks i figure they are just going to let the complaint go unresolved. its not legit.
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