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from 69 reviews Review It claims to give you all three of your credit scores – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian – plus your 3-in-1 report for just $1.00.

Once you sign up for FreeScoreOnline, you will be give a 7 day free trial period in which to view your credit scores and reports. If you do not cancel their services within the free trial period, you will be signed up for a monthly subscription.

Currently, FreeScoreOnline does not publish the cost of their monthly subscription fee. Their Terms & Conditions page says this fee can change without notice.

If you are not interested in being signed up for a subscription, you must make sure to cancel within the free trial period. The trial period is measured in 24 hour intervals, so if you signed up at 10:00 am, your trial would be over at 10:00 am 7 days later.

In addition, you can choose to sign up for notices and special offers from Score Sense, which is a credit tracking agency that also offers identity theft protection.

Do you have any experience with FreeScoreOnline? If so, please leave a review below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " FreeScoreOnline " is 1.35 out of 5 based on 69 reviews.
  • I am one who had my accounting done by an outside service. It was 3 years later that I found out the charged me $1 ... twice on 3/6/17, then 39.95 a month until 8/6/18 when my accountant questioned the charge.

    They tried starting it again 2 more times after we were able to shut it down, and only got refunded those 2 times because of my credit card. Everything they offered for free was actually free through my bank and Credit Karma.

    I never got any refund. Don't go there. They are only taking your money and giving you things that really are free elsewhere.
  • Complete scam. They make their website look like the Free Annual Credit Report one, but they just get all your personal info, including soc sec number, and then try to sign you up for their service. AVOID.
  • They get enough info up front to steal your identity if they choose to do so - full name, address, DOB, full social security number! I stopped at the point they wanted my credit card number! SCAM...
    • Hello, I did the same today by removing my credit card number. Now I'm worried that they will use the 4 digits of my SSN and DOB to scam me. After you stopped at that point, were you ever scammed by them after?
  • this company should explain up front that they want 1.00 and 29.95 a month before they give you any info. before they collect all your private info. they may be legit but they say one thing and do another. so it seems shady to me.
  • I want to cancel this subscription and need a number to do so please help I cannot afford the fee
  • I would like to cancel my membership as of today, feb 14, 2019, I called in 2 days ago. My name is Carolyn Champion.
  • They provide inaccurate information! I got the 3 scores from scoresense in the morning and was given a 697 for Experian but when I checked with Experian directly, it was actually 639! That's not a few points off & it's unacceptable. When I tried to cancel & explained why, the rep tried telling me every bureau calculates scores differently - that's true & it's why you'll see Trans Union, Equifax and Experian all have different scores but when they tell you the Experian score is 697, it should be 697 on the Experian site as well. Total SCAM!!!!!
  • This is purely a RIPOFF and a SCAM to steal your money plain and simple.

    Contact your state attny's Office and report them ASAP.
  • LYING LOW LIFE SCUM will charge you TEN dollars instead of ONE dollar to supposedly give you your credit reports which you will never get and then they IMMEDIATELY set up a recurring charge of $38.99 per month FOREVER!! You can't cancel because when you call their bogus numbers the voice message speaks to you first in english then spanish and then you go right to terminal hold. Call your bank, cancel your card and contact your states Office of The Attorney General to report them. Plain and simple this is FRAUD and this is against the law. This company is actually part of the "One Technologies" family of companies, supposedly from Dallas TX., of which there are approx 49 other unscrupulous thieving online websites set up to STEAL your money. Please Report them!
  • I've tried to tell you that you Company will only charge me for a :

    SO CALLED FREE CREDIT SCORE, Your Company is trying to charge me $39.+ dollars a month

    I have filed out my required fields, if I have not, please let me know A.S.A.P.
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