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Fusion Cash is a program that offers rewards and payments to their users in exchange for participating in a variety of advertiser sponsored activities. They are one of the longest standing companies providing this type of service and have been in business for over 12 years.

Essentially they have created a marketplace where advertisers can get cheaper views/clicks and users can get compensated for their participation as active participants.

Some of these options include: paid surveys, paid videos, paid radio, paid to click, paid tasks, cashback shopping, paid to search, and more.

This robust system allows users to be engaged continually and, while not treating this as a job, make some steady side money.

Get paid for offers with Fusion Cash:

The basis of the program is trying out new services for trial periods, usually 30 days. In return you’ll be paid between $5 and $20 and all you have to do is cancel at the end of the trial period.

This works for a while and you can make a bit of extra cash with this method but eventually you run out of available offers. Also Fusion Cash has a very particular terms of service policy and many complaints and scam accusations stem from people failing to abide by them.

Fusion Cash Payments:

The minimum payment threshold for Fusion Cash is $25, of which 15 has to be in personal not referral earnings. They have an online payment availability through PayPal which speeds up the process of getting your money.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that if you don’t cash out an offer within 180 days it will expire and you won’t get paid. Also, when signing up for trial offers read all agreement policies carefully to be sure you know when to cancel in time, also some may have shipping and handling fees so keep your eyes open.

A downside to Fusion Cash is that since the majority of participating advertisers are US based the opportunity is only available to Americans. Non US residents can check out our top rated courses above for global opportunities.

Customer Support:

If you need assistance you can submit a message at www.fusioncash.net/support.php. You can also try reaching them at their phone number (406) 872-0020.

If you wish to cancel your account you can unsubscribe from their email list and follow instructions from your members access area.

If you do cancel you will not be allowed to create another account ever again – they do this to limit people from applying for the same offers more than once.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Fusion Cash has an A rating with BBB due to their attentiveness in resolving customer issues. However they do also have mixed online reviews and complaints of people not receiving payments and having technical issues while performing surveys.

It is important to read all the fine print on their FAQ page which outlines in detail all the procedures and stipulations associated with successfully receiving a payment.

They also have an active community forum where users communicate and share tips and tricks for navigating their offers. Members can also post any questions they have there and receive help from veteran Fusion Cash users.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Some other popular get paid to sites include SwagBucks, Inbox Dollars, Survey Junkie, InstaGC, and the Ibotta App.

All these companies follow a similar business model where you agree to actively participate sponsored advertising and market research in return for kickbacks and rewards.

Again in order to succeed with these opportunities it’s important to stay organized and carefully read all the terms. It’s also wise to get a separate email address to use for receiving offers and ads to protect your main account from spam.

If you have tried Fusion Cash please leave a review below and let our readers know if you had success cashing out and how you found the overall experience.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Fusion Cash " is 2.13 out of 5 based on 32 reviews.
  • I have been with Fusion Cash for about 10 years and I really liked the site. I cashed out about every two months for about $33 and was very happy with my earnings. There were problems but there is with everything and I could live with any problems. I recommended the site and I defended Fusion Cash against critics.

    About three months ago, I got an email invite from Fusion Cash to do a short survey. I did so and received 50 cents for the survey but from this survey, I was able to participate in a one hour phone interview that was going to pay me $100 in about 6 weeks. About a month later, my account was credited with $20.00 for a survey that I had done. I assumed it to be the phone interview and I furthermore assumed that the client was not happy with my interview but nevertheless gave me $20.00. I was satisfied.

    On Tuesday, June 26th, I did some morning things on Fusion Cash and noticed that my

    account had been credited for previous opportunities. I worked on some of my other sites and then I went grocery shopping. When I returned home, I checked my emails and I had received an email from Fusion Cash telling me that my account had been credited for $100 for the phone interview that I had done a few months back.

    I was ecstatic but confused as to the $20 that I had received 6 weeks or so ago. I went to my Fusion Cash account and had to log in which i thought was strange because I always remain logged in. The money was not in my account. I went back to the email and saw that I read the email correctly. Then I went back to Fusion Cash and had to log in again. My account began to act strangely and then a notification came up that my account was restricted for security reasons. It went on to say that it would be restricted until a CSR could check it out and if everything checked out, I would be allowed access to my account again.

    I have opened a support ticket. I have sent emails to support. No one has responded and my account remains restricted.

    On Friday, I opened a complaint with the BBB.

    So Fusion Cash sent me an email informing me that my account had been credited $100 for the phone interview and then immediately went to my account and restricted it.

    I do not know what to think. It feels like my money has been stolen. If this had happened to me when I only had $15 in my account, I would have blown it off but it happened right after Fusion Cash gave me $100 on behalf of the client.

    I have been doing research and Fusion Cash is owned by Tyler Denheim. it seems like it is a one person operation and a home based business. So, if Tyler finds a reason to restrict your account, he gets to keep the money, right?

    I have also been reading that many other past members have been denied their earnings for one reason or another.

    I suggest that you open a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    If anything changes, I will update.

    Before this experience, I would have given Fusion Cash maybe 3 1/2 stars but now, ???? I will continue to give them the benefit of the doubt and 2 1/2 stars.
  • Signed up in January. Finally cashed out over a month ago but my payment won't be processed until April 20th. 5 days to go and BAM RESTRICTED ACCOUNT! Total crap! There are other better sites to work from!
    • I just posted my experience with Fusion Cash up above yours. I opened a complaint with the BBB. I am going to suggest that you do so also.

      Tyler Denheim owns Fusion Cash. As far as I can tell, he is the only employee and it is a home based business.

      There are lots of former members who have had experiences like we both have. One of Fusion Cash's claim to fame is that they have an A plus rating with the BBB. If more persons filed complaints, he would not.
  • i just joined fushion cash but I am leary on companies that ask you to verify your phone number. if you don't have a phone number you don't get paid. I don't have a phone.they want you to fax to verify yourself. I do other panels they don't ask for your phone number. they claim it is to make sure your legit but there are other ways of doing it.
  • I've been doing these on a daily...no issues. I mean I don't qualify for every one of them, which I understand. But I cash out about $100 every month in a half. Love it!
  • In the beginning I was making money, then one day I get an email that I was being restricted because I did a survey untruthfully so I emailed them and asked them which survey did I do untruthfully and they responded with and apology that the email was sent to me in error, so I continued doing surveys now mind you I was spending between 3 to 4 hours in the morning doing their surveys I really treated item so like a part time job, then I started to not get credited for certain surveys and would open a ticket to inform them of this and was responded with " we have no control over certain companies not crediting these things sometimes happen, sorry for the inconvenience" and so I just made sure I would stay away from those surveys from the same company, then I started to do surveys from a company called SSI Survey and the same thing started to happen, I would spend 15 to 25 minutes on a survey and not get credited so I opened up another ticket and again was told the same thing, not to long after that incident I get another email that one of my surveys was being denied because I did it too fast and now all the other surveys that I just cashed out on were being stopped and I had to wait another month just to get that money I was just so done with this company wrote them an email that they banned me unfairly, but there is nothing you can do about it,their Support Dept. Is horrible and do not investigate at all and treat the people who spend hours and hours doing these surveys with disregard, I do not recommend fusion cash, they do not pay fairly and cannot be trusted.
  • Got up to $8 in earnings before seeing a LOT of red flags. Did not get credited for several offers I completed. Did not get credit for several surveys. Each survey I completed in full and then get a thank you but you are not a match. And this after 20 minutes of my time filling out detailed questions all for $1 or so. Half the time I don't even get the promised $0.01 disqualification payout! The hope of playing the video ads 24/7 was dashed when they stopped letting me watch videos saying I had a popup blocker as the culprit - jokes on them I had NO popup blocker and tried it on six different browsers on 2 different computers!! SCAM! They just don't want you to hit the $25 and cash out!
  • requested a cash out they say they cannot confirm my email link to my name and called paypal on that issue everything all good please people be on the lookout i cannot cash out and not even capable of donating my cash out money to a good cause did two tickets and no response very bad customer service nothing else to say.
  • I used fusioncash for about a month and made about 40 bucks. I tried to cash out and they said i had to fax in my ID to verify who i am. So the whole point of the initial verifying in the beginning is worthless. It seems they want to find ways to not payout. Be warned about this site. I will not invest anymore time with this site. There are alot of better sites out there. Also some surveys make you spend about 30mins to prequalify to only regretfully tell you that you don't qualify. That is a scam to spend that much time on qualifying questions.
  • First, they make it quite hard to hit cash out putting an "expiration" on reimbursing you for your efforts. You made them money for their part of the affiliated commissions but they put an expiration on yours. How is that fair? Then, they can "restrict" your account without explanation and you'll try to get an answer about the details of the restriction even thought to the very best of your abilities you are following all of the rules. Finally, while you are "restricted" their offers continue to flow into your email inbox. You'd think a technology company such as this wouldn't bother you with their offers while your account is on restriction. This minor details puts into question their credibility. Be very cautious of this company.
  • I joined fusion cash and honestly earned $30 through lengthy surveys and somewhere i even purchased some offers with my credit card. i collected $30 which should be minimum cashout amount as per their terms and conditions . when I went to cashout my earning they asked me to wait 1 and a half month for approval, it kept on showing pending for approval and after then time finished they asked me to submit a COURT ORDER , if i want to cash out my 30 bucks. they have sent some pdf form which i have to fill as cover letter and then submit . after submission they will approve payment in 4-5 days.

    Who would get a court order for cashing out $30.

    Contacted customer service... All in vain.

    Dont join Fusioncash and if you are tempted to join at least try cashing out at minimum amount of $30. so that you'll know the real picture of Fusioncash.

    Yes, they are definitely a SCAM and FRAUD.
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