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Gazelle ( was established in 2006 as a company that will purchase your used electronics and then make sure that they are either reCommerced or appropriately recycled.

ReCommerced is a term created by Gazelle, which means that they will re-introduce your used electronics into the market place and resell them to buyers, which helps both consumers and the environment.

According to Gazelle, putting perfectly good, used electronics back onto the market helps consumers who are looking for a good deal, and also helps the environment as those consumers are not purchasing brand new electronics which will also eventually end up in landfills.

How Does It Work?

You go to where you input the brand name and model of the electronic item you would like to sell. If Gazelle currently accepts that item, they will ask you a series of questions regarding the condition the item is in.

Once you have given Gazelle all the information they require, they will quote you a purchase price. If you accept that price, you simply print out a free shipping label and ship your items to Gazelle.

Gazelle also offers a variety of bonus codes you can use when selling them your items. Bonus codes must be added to the transaction before it is final, and each Gazelle bonus code has different uses and requirements, so pay close attention when applying it to your transaction.

Once the items arrive, they will be inspected to ensure they are in the condition you said they were. Once that has been verified, you can receive payment in a form of your choosing: check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.

This whole process takes about 1 week.

What If They Don’t Accept My Item?

Currently, Gazelle does not accept television sets or printers, though this may change in the future.

If you have an item, like a laptop, that Gazelle does accept but they do not have your particular item on file, you can ask them for a Personalized Offer, where they will research the market value of the item and contact you with a price. This process does take longer than a week, however.

If Gazelle does not accept the item you are hoping to get rid of, they do offer information on their page about all local recycle facilities that will take your item and appropriately recycle it.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Gazelle " is 1.3 out of 5 based on 27 reviews.
  • From reading others experiences I see I am only one of many that feel cheated by this company. I will not use them a second time.
  • All seemed to go fine. Was offered $85 for my iphone. Told me that I had not deactivated the phone from the icloud. Did it but was told that because I did not do it before I was told, they have reduced their offer to $10.

    Good luck. You will need it
  • I contacted Gazelle to sell my smartphone and they asked me to review the device's condition. After completing the review, they made me an offer of $100. They sent me a box to mail the device to them and said that they would be in touch with me by email after inspecting the device. A few days later, Gazelle made an offer of $30 stating that the device would not reboot. I refused the offer, because the phone worked fine when I sent it to them. What a waste of my time.
  • Gazelle was good and fast on obtaining your device from you, after they get your device from you they slow down and lie to you. My phone was in good shape besides a cracked screen they sent me out a box to send it in really quickly. I mailed it back which was easy then I got an email from gazelle saying they received my phone and will be inspected and I'll get another email within 3 days telling me if it's been accepted. That's where the wait started I didn't hear back from them for a couple weeks. So I emailed customer service which responded back in a few hours but they lied too saying I'd heat back in a few days and they'd hurry up my inspection which didn't happen but they supposedly mailed out my check on January 28th waiting to see when that'll show up. But then on January 30th I got another email saying my payment will be mailed 3-5 days so I don't know what the hell goes on at gazelle
  • I had an Iphone4 that I was no longer using and a friend told me I should look into selling it through Gazelle. I contacted them through their website, told them what I had, they asked me to evaluate its condition and then made an offer to purchase the phone. I thought the price was very fair and accepted the offer. From there the process was amazingly simple. They sent me a box especially designed for the phone, along with a return postage paid label, which I put on the box. They sent me an email acknowledging receipt of my phone, another as they were evaluating its condition, and a third confirming that it was in the condition as I had stated and that a check would be on its way to me. The check arrived within a couple of days later.

    I highly recommend Gazelle to anyone considering selling any electronic device that Gazelle purchases.
  • I sent close to 8 droids and 3 blackberry phones in months ago and have received nothing. Only one of those phones had problems with it and i need money for my donations
    • I had no idea i had to have bonus codes to receive what i sent off and could really use the money about now
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