Gemini 2 Program Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Gemini 2 Program, found online at, is a new trading and investment software program which claims to be responsible for the personal wealth of the newly elected American President Donald Trump.

According to the website that is promoting this product, most people are aware that Donald Trump is a billionaire that made his fortune in real estate investments and developments. But this website says that in reality more than 60% of his fortune came from investments made using the Gemini 2 Program software.

And the best part is that this software is available for anyone who is interested in using it and is willing to sign up right now, and since this program is still in Beta mode, it can be registered for completely for free.

How Does the Gemini 2 Program Work?

For those who don’t know, binary options are a specific kind of investment where customers look at the current value of a stock and then must decide whether that stock will move up or down in value during a specific time period which can be as short as just one minute.

Though this may seem like a kind of “simple” investment, the truth is that it can be incredibly risky and many people have lost money with this kind of investment. The Gemini 2 Program says that their software has been designed by some of the “best brains in the financial world” and has not made a single losing trade in more than two years at this time.

In fact, their website says that when their software was initially developed a few years ago, their Beta testers were earning a minimum of around $400 each day. Now, their minimum earnings are closer to $7,000 each day and can go as high as $28,000 per day.

The Problems

There are many different issues with Gemini 2 Program, starting with the fact that the company that is claiming this program is responsible for Donald Trump’s wealth is actually committing a crime, since it is illegal to use a celebrity’s likeness without their permission.

Second, and most important, the Gemini 2 Program is not responsible for anybody’s wealth, because it is a basic investment and trading bot – one of literally thousands available all over the internet.

The goal of these trading bots is to get people to sign up with the trading platform that they partner with, and after you deposit your initial $200 or $250 into your account, the creator of the bot will be paid a commission for bringing a new member to that platform.

Once you have submitted your deposit, the bot’s job is done. There is no software that will actually earn money for you, and especially no software that will earn thousands of dollars a day for you. This is simply an incredibly common internet scam that customers should avoid at all costs.

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