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Genius Marketing Pro, found online at, is a new work at home opportunity created by Dwayne Golden, Dwayne Golden Jr., Alex Costan, and Stephen Gilbert who have a combined 35 years of internet marketing experience.

The website says that they understand that internet marketing is complicated, potentially expensive, and can take a very long time to pay off, especially for people who are brand new to the industry.

But Genius Marketing Pro has been designed to help people with no experience whatsoever not only be successful with internet marketing, but to even have the ability to earn more than $100,000 within just one week of use.

The Promises

Internet marketing is a catch-all term for companies that make money by promoting goods and services of partner companies or even of their own. It is the business of attracting customers, keeping customers, getting their information, and eventually getting them to make a purchase.

But successful internet marketing is complicated. There are many different services, tools, and resources that must be put together in order to not only make money, but to make significant money that can put you in charge of your financial future.

Genius Marketing Pro claims to be “one and done” software, which means that it will do all the work for you without requiring “hard work” on your part. The website says that their system has been broken into five parts, which can guarantee your success.

The first part gives you everything you need to build your website and individual pages, while the second part provides you with a built in autoresponder to build your email list and part three provides your affiliate platform for making sales. Finally, they also give their members the necessary copywriting software for their content, and access to instructional webinars and tutorials to help you build your skills along the way.

Is Genius Marketing Pro Legit?

The easy answer to this question is no, Genius Marketing Pro is not legit, simply because they are attempting to sell their customers a $47.00 monthly subscription to their services under completely false pretenses.

Essentially, telling people with zero internet marketing experience that they have a chance to earn $100,000 in seven days is roughly the same as telling someone with a few years of choir experience that they have a chance to win American Idol and become a superstar. Technically it’s not a lie, but the chances of it happening are so remote that to promise it to people as “a guarantee” is misleading at best and offensive and fraudulent at worst.

While the website is right at saying that their package of services is probably cheaper than purchasing them all individually, the difference is that when you purchase them individually, they are yours forever. The business you run will belong to you. When you use Genius Marketing Pro, the business essentially belongs to them and if you choose to leave their service for another, you will lose everything.

Bottom line is that if you are interested in internet marketing, you should do your own free research first before committing all-in to a company that makes outrageous promises it can’t really keep.

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