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No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of Michael Davis’s new work at home opportunity, “Get Paid Taking Pictures,” where he teaches people how to make almost $3,500 a week taking pictures.

According to his video presentation, users will not need any special photography equipment to take advantage of his program, rather anyone with a basic point and shoot digital camera or a smartphone camera has everything they need.

Though his training program is generally priced at $77, there is currently a promotion being run where people can redeem a 50% off coupon code in order to get this training guide for just $37.

How Does Get Paid Taking Pictures Work?

The video presentation says that someone told Davis that simply uploading some basic photos to a particular website would give him the ability to earn easy money, quickly. He followed the instructions on the website and earned more than $500 his first day.

Without saying it directly, what Davis is teaching people is to make money by taking “stock photos.” Stock photos are the photos that companies use to decorate their websites, and they are often very simple and basic in nature, meaning that they don’t really require any photographic training.

Whenever a company chooses to use one of your photos, they must pay a licensing fee. The video presentation says that the best part of earning money this way is that a single photo can earn you money forever.

The Problems

There is a reason that does not mention the phrase “stock photos” specifically. Because if they had, then anyone could easily do research on stock photography and learn some very important things about this industry.

First, the numbers being quoted by Michael Davis are outrageous. More than $500 a day for just a few stock photos would require an amazing amount of luck – generally you only receive a few cents for each stock photo license, and most people who begin in stock photos will go for long periods of time without anyone buying their licenses at all.

This is because most of the major stock photo websites, like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, or Bigstock, will take photos that have been most often downloaded or pictures taken by their most popular photographers and put them first when companies and people are searching for photos, meaning that a brand new member will have trouble getting their photos seen, much less purchased.

But the biggest problem with this training program is that no one needs to be trained on how to take stock photos and make money from them – there is free information all over the web about this topic. The stock photo websites themselves will give you guides on what they need and how to take photos. It is hard to think of a good reason why you would need to pay $37 or $77 for someone to give you information that can be found for free.

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