GetPaidToTry Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 24 reviews Review It is a new website for people looking to make money with market research. They claim that you can receive rewards for completing surveys, joining websites, and completing trial offers.

It is free to sign up with GetPaidToTry, however it is not always free to participate in the trials. Sometimes you may have to purchase a product or offer your credit card in order to participate in trials.

You can also earn rewards from GetPaidToTry by referring other friends and family members to join their service as well.

GetPaidToTry is not really a market research website as it is a partner of a wide variety of market research sites. By signing up with them, you will receive the ability to sign up with a multitude of other companies and websites who offer compensation for surveys and trials.

Some of the companies they are partnered with include, but are not limited to: Toluna surveys, Panda Research, Global Test Market surveys, and more.

Do you have experience with GetPaidToTry? If so, please leave a review below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Get Paid to Try " is 1.38 out of 5 based on 24 reviews.
  • Trying to deposit money to my account.
  • scam. Nothing earned. Your money burned.
  • Thanks, that is what I was expecting!
  • Do not sign up!!!! I signed up and immediately received 10 emails. The emails are constant and annoying. They fill up my junk folder and my regular inbox. Multiple emails a day, multiple times a day. I have hit unsubscribe on every email and the flow does not seem to have let up. Wish I could leave no stars because I’m so annoyed by them.
  • I was planning on signing up, but now, I don't think so.
  • Never received samples, just survey after survey. Not worth the headache to give all personal information away. I'm unsubscribing now. I will never refer anyone to this site. :(
    • Yea, i just started and noticed they give false promises of "free mystery gifts" and you never find out what it is. Then it started all over again from survey 1 to 20 getting u to sign up for this or that advertisement. Really annoying. Lost my trust.
    • I agree, all the surveys ask the same questions over and over, and what they are really doing is phishing. Mostly they are medical questionss, then the next thing I know I'm getting phone calls saying I was interested in a brace, or had back pain, when in fact I answered NO to the question. at the end you always have to make a choice that costs money. I had the option to join Fingerhut, which I did. I never got my rewardd I have contacted National Rewards twice on the matter The second time, I had to tell them that I had placed an order with Fingerhut and already had received my order And that is no lie. I still haven't heard back from them nor gotten my reward.
  • Thank you everyone, I just joined and I'm having all the same problems and I'm unsubscribing now.
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