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from 59 reviews Review It is a website and service provided by Blackhawk Network, the largest provider of third party gift cards in the US and Canada.

At, you can purchase gift cards that may be used at over 140 different places, including clothing and accessory stores, restaurants, and service providers, amongst others. They claim that anyone can find the perfect gift in 5 minutes.

Gift cards purchased at the Gift Card Mall can be searched either by the specific retailer or by category, and can be used either online or at locations. In addition, they offer e gift cards and Choice Cards as well.

Gift Cards and E Gift Cards

When choosing a gift card from the Gift Card Mall, you can pick the retailer, the specific dollar amount, and a personal message that will be sent along to your recipient. Some cards may even be customized with a personal image for a $1.00 charge.

But Gift Card Mall offers electronic gift cards as well, which can be emailed to the recipient with instructions for downloading and printing the gift cards. An e greeting card of your choice will be delivered along with the card.

If you create an account with, then you will be notified both when your payment has been confirmed, and when your e gift card has been viewed by the recipient. also offers the Choice Card, which allows the recipient to choose their own gift card from all 140 brands carried on the site. Recipients can even request a gift card in excess of the price already paid, and cover the difference with their own credit card.

What Else to Know

Gift cards take 5 to 8 days to be shipped, unless extradited shipping is chosen. After you receive your gift card in the mail, you must go online and activate it before it can be used.

Gift Card Mall is also partnered with major grocery store chains like Jewel Osco and Safeway, so that you can find gift cards quickly and easily in your own neighborhood. Gift cards purchased at the store will be activated at time of purchase; no need to go online.

If a gift card purchased at is lost or stolen after it has been delivered, there is nothing Gift Card Mall can do to help – gift cards are essentially the same as cash, and cannot be replaced.

But if a gift card is not delivered, or if there is another problem with your card, you must call Gift Card Mall Customer Care at (877) 426-2551.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Gift Card Mall " is 1.07 out of 5 based on 59 reviews.
  • My Friend purchased a 50.00 ecard to send me, and we got the confirming email saying they had a invoice and now they keep saying it will take 72 hours, BULLSHIT and then the lady said she needs to speak with the person who bought it to tell them whats going on.
  • Ordered from this website and got charged at $10 cash advance fee on my credit card. Citicard said that this website is classifed as a quasiclass vendor so all purchases are considered cash advances.
  • These people need to be investigated by the federal government in regards to interstate fraud. I purchased an E gift card which was immediately debited from my account. Cancelled it immediately when red flags in their own email said "do not open. This site has been hacked into" That was May 17, 2016. Called again June 1 and was told my refund had been processed, and if I don't have it it's my bank's fault. It gets worse. Now June 5, 2016,

    I called and was told their refund policy gives them an additional 15 days to process the refund. That there are no numbers to call anyone else about it, it's no longer their problem because the refund was processed and again told me it's up to my bank as to when I get my refund. There's more but I won't make you more angry.

    I believe someone needs to shut these people down. We do after all have laws that are supposed to protect us through the Inspector General's Office.

    If anyone else is on board, how about a class action lawsuit against these crooks? At minimum, call your inspector general's office as I am doing Monday.
  • There was a fraudulent charge from gift card mall on my debit card. I called them to look into it and after 5 minutes of searching they found info that matched mine. They told me that there were multiple attempts of different amounts and one finally went through. Why they wouldn't stop multiple attempts is beyond me. They said they have the email address that the e-gift card went to but that it is against company policy to inform me of it. They went on to say that their fraud department would call me in 3-5 business days with any more information. I asked to be transferred to that department, they said that wasn't possible. I asked to have the number so I can call myself, they said that they do not have a number for them, that they contact each other through internal emails. So, they admit that there were fraudulent transactions but i'm at a stand still until they decide to contact me, hopefully next week? After reading many reviews on this company, I am confident I will not hear from them at all. And, yes, that information above is from a "manager" that also refused to answer any of my questions while repeating the same info again and again before hanging up on me. Disrespectful and rude employees spouting lie after lie. Avoid this company at all costs.
  • I spent $2k in gift cards. My recipients are getting a run around between the activation customer service and 'card registration'. The latter do not sound legitimate and keep on asking for a 19 digit code. Extremely rude and unprofessional. Does Visa realize who they have associated with?
  • The company kept cancelling my order, saying it was my credit card company. Two cc companies said the orders went through. Giftcardmall said there's nothing they can do. When I tried to discuss other possibilities, they hung up on me.

    I finally got an order through. They cancelled the order and told me I can never order from their site EVER.
  • I rarely wrote bad reviews for a business, and this is a first. For xmas 2015, i ordered 2 same amount of amazon gift cards, and only got one. after a few calls, they got it fixed. I thought ok, it got fixed. So I ordered 1 or 2 more and they arrived and no problem. Then all of a sudden, I placed an order, order confirmed thru email. then another email says it get reviewed and cancelled for me from "GiftCardLab".

    I called support, first level support person says something is not matching or whatever, you can't order anymore. I asked to talk to his manager, same answer and no reasoning. As a business, they don't want me to be their customer?? and no reason???? at least help me find out why. so i asked to talk to her manager, someone's got to know, rite? and here comes the bang, she told me she will end the call now and that's it!

    if anyone knows why, please let me know.
  • Ordered gift card and after verifying my information was canceled with no explanation. I will not use this website ever again.
  • NEVER use this site. It is truly dreadful.

    I received a gift card via email through this site and it has been nothing but a hassle. First, the site itself is a bit clunky and difficult to use. However, that is not really the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that when I finally figured out how to use the site and tried to redeem my gift certificate they cancelled my order. I called them 5+ times making the same complaint. The customer service people, while quite friendly, would tell me the same thing: They are so sorry and they have made an inquiry. A supervisor will call me soon. Only once, after my initial call, did someone actually contact me. She said she would look into the problem and call me back. I never heard from her again. I finally called back (this is now over 3 months since receiving the card) and demanded that a check be sent to me. Supposedly they are sending that and it will be here in 15 days.. if that actually happens, I will be shocked. Terrible company. I work for a job where we need to buy gifts for clients relatively frequently and I KNOW that I will NEVER use this company.
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