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Is Legit or a Scam?

Giveaway recruiters is a new product that claims to teach people how to make money by giving away free samples.  This concept is relatively new and the information that they’re selling has never been marketed from this angle.

They claim that thousands of companies need people like you to help give away their products everyday online.  Thus, giveaway recruiters is here to show you how you can get started in this supposedly lucrative field.

At first glance this opportunity seems legit and even worthy of an endorsement since they take a solid marketing concept and combine it with a home business model; however when you take time to thoroughly examine and all their claims the story takes a turn for the worse.

What is the Giveaway Recruiters Coaching Program All About?

Basically what they teach you is internet marketing, the method of promoting products online through websites, paid advertising, and search engines.  Companies provide you with special tracking links to be used in your promotions and when an online user follows your link and completes a purchase you get credited with the sale and earn yourself a nice commission.

This in itself is a great way to make money online but requires a lot of dedication and should be treated with the same seriousness as any offline business.  Now, the idea with Giveaway Recruiters is that they provide you with a list of companies who offer products for “free.”

These products are much easier to promote and have high commissions, obviously a person is much more willing to sign up for something that’s free rather than pay money upfront.

So is Giveaway Recruiters Legit or a Scam?

While they do make a very believable case for their program there are tons or red flags that someone inexperienced in internet marketing is simply unable to see.  First off, from the blurry pictures on their site you can barely make out which products they want you to promote and they’re definitely not good.

The products are sold through “free” trials; initially a customer only pays for shipping and handling however after they submit their billing info the company proceeds to charge them high monthly fees as part of their continuity programs.  These additional fees are hidden in fine print and buried in the terms and condition pages where customers have a hard time finding them.

This is how these companies can pay you commissions of $40 – $60 for each “free” product that you give away.  In the long run they make much more off the customer then what they pay you to sucker them into this billing nightmare.

These types of products have scammed hundreds of thousands of people in a variety of categories, everything from Google Kit Scams to Acai Berry Diet Scams.  And Giveaway Recruiters is here to teach you how to get in on this illicit action.

I can only assume that Giveaway Recruiters is offered at such a low price because they’ve worked out deals with the companies they want you to promote to get a piece of every sale you make for them.

Finally, the last red flag for is that the website is owned by a company doing business out of Cyprus, a region notorious for producing some of the worst internet scams to date.  It should be pretty clear that this program is not recommended since they essentially train you how to become a pseudo-scammer yourself.

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  • They make it seem like such a great idea...I'm so glad I read this FIRST!!!
  • I think you should post Giveaway Recruiters on all of the search engines like google,yahoo,etc to let everyone become aware of this scam so they will not be out of hundreds or thousands of dollars,even though i almost registered with this company,until i read your article i've changed my mind,Thank you for letting me know about these con artists who give someone a bad name.
  • Thanks for the info, I was about to give them a try. I am really glad that there is someone like you who is watching out for people's best interests thanks.
  • this company promise a lot of stuff but i haven't seen it yet. I apply but have not as yet talk or receive an email. I am in the process of trying to get my money back but as yet have had contact. Do not give them any information under any condition. they promise the moon but don't deliver.
  • Thanks for keeping me from making a costly mistake! Have a great day!
  • Thanks for the review. I almost went for it.

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