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The Global Pro System is an online marketing system which claims they “have it all,” meaning all the tools you will need for successful online sales and marketing of a multi level marketing opportunity.

According to the website, all you have to do is “load in your contacts, sit back, and let the Email Success Line Marketing do the work for you.” In addition, while their system is doing everything for you, you can take advantage of their advanced training.

Visitors who are interested in the tools and program that Global Pro System has to offer can try them out for an initial charge of just $9.95, which gets you an informational kit and a 14 day trial.

The Business

Global Pro System is a system of tools for marketing and sales of Vemma. Vemma is a company which sells nutritional supplements, specifically an antioxidant rich juice based on the mangosteen fruit, as well as other vitamins, minerals, and aloe.

In addition, Vemma is also an MLM opportunity, a type of independent business opportunity which is best known for its members earning money for recruiting new representatives in addition to selling their products.

Global Pro System is partnered up with Vemma and promotes itself as a company which can give its users all the things they need to be successful at MLM, including websites, lead generators, tracking and reports, training, and more.

The Problems

Global Pro System seems to have a significant number of detractors who claim that is a scam, and they seem to have good reasons for their complaints. The most repeated, and perhaps most significant complaint, is their lack of transparency.

First, the only initial cost you are told about is the $9.95 for the 14 day trial, and in the fine print you may read that if you do not physically have the kit returned to the seller within the 14 day window you will be charged another $39.95.

But there are also a whole host of upsells, upgrades, and another monthly fee of $49.95 which makes this opportunity far more expensive than they tell you up front.

Another issue of transparency is that they actually do not tell what multi level marketing company they are partnered with before they ask you for your credit card number. This is always a bad sign – it means the company is betting on your inability to return the materials in time so they can get your $39.95 fee.

And finally, many customers have reported that they have had serious issues with customer service providing many different contact phone numbers which result in nothing but voicemail and no help.

Visitors who are interested in MLM should know they do not need to use Global Pro Systems; you can sign up with any MLM, including Vemma, directly.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Global Pro System " is 1.44 out of 5 based on 18 reviews.
  • Yeah I was skeptical from the beginning...The guy that called me..Brian Neal is his name he says..was a professional bullshit artist...after I said I couldn't afford the special discount for the "gold" package of 200 bucks he said I like you i can wave that and just charge the 49.95 a month fee...i said i don't have it now but will tomorrow then it went back to 198.00 setup plus 49.95 a month.. I checked the BBB website because they say on their webpage they are accredited ..nope BBB say they are not and get a big F. I am glad i always check this see if they got any positive reviews...not one at all
  • I have bought a website through GTS Pro, and when I first purchased it, they PROMISED I would make money within 90 days to 6 months. I have done everything that I was instructed to do. It's about a year and half that I've been doing this and I have yet to make a dime.

    When I send them emails on their website and after I submit them in the 'call to action' submit button, a caption comes up underneath the submit button that says, Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you shortly.

    They have NEVER contacted me shortly or anytime about the emails that I have submitted in the past. So anyone reading this ever decides to confide in GTS Pro, take it from me, it is a waste of your time and your money.
  • This is a complete and total scam company. There is absolutely NO doubt about that. I got talked into their Gold plan. When that failed to produce any results about several months, I got talked into another plan.

    That failed to produce any results, then they convinced me that, in addition, to the original site, they had a new one whereby I'd buy a site for a nominal fee and could then resell the domain name at a huge profit later.

    Okay, I can hear all you out there yelling at how could I be so stupid?! You're right. I'm stupid and I was desperate to make money as a fixed income is miserable.

    If there was a rating less than 1, I would give it.

    Do NOT be fooled by these people. If they ever call you, hang up immediately. You will NOT make a penny and you will end up losing a lot of money.

    As the saying goes, 'there's no fool like an old fool'....and that would be ME!
  • I've just recently been contacted by these guys from GTS Pro. They got me for their "gold" package that was supposedly $595 one time fee for the custom blog site plus the $49.95 hosting fee. They gave me "discount" if I agree to do a testimony after having making money with them. They said they will most of the work in creating the blog site, content management/creation, and marketing the blog site. After signing up with them and giving them my cc info, my bank called me to verify my transaction with them. It took awhile for my red flags to flare back on. I realized I looked into these guys over 10 years ago, didn't realize they are still operating. I don't remember the past guys names, however, this time the initial caller names himself Issac, not sure what his last name, the second guy says his name is Tom Daniel. I guess I'm easy pickings for "scammers" since I always looking for various business opportunities to make money online and offline. What they offered was less than most that claim to provide the same service or products. I'm waiting for my blog site setup based on choice of topic for the site. I've tried and with Google AD Sense on my own in the past for like 3 months, got no where in terms of making money, it was free way but time consuming in terms of writing blogs and marketing it on social media sites. Been called a spammer when doing so, so I quit that activity years ago. There is a cost to everything when searching your next Hustle/opportunity. For example, Uber and Lyft may be a good hustle but at the expense of your car wearing down and they may or may not reimburse you for auto repairs even if you have insurance. They have little or no risk. You take on most of the risks like accidents, theft, or other bad things that could go wrong. Your commission is limited to your activity and the fare fee that potential clients pay. Although Lyft and Uber has its ups and downs, I guess its better than going for internet marketing business models/schemes.
  • I have been getting calls from his company since December and the things is you can never call back that number.

    What I have noticed is their website comes across so professional but it is so different to what they actually offer on the phone. There is no way to tell much about this company as they are not on social media at all which is the biggest red flag. All legit and credible companies are on facebook and instagram.

    I got another call from them today so I said they don't come across as a credible company so this won't go anywhere. I got passed on to their manager who said ''Do you have a crystal ball or something?" sort of saying....I don't know what I am talking about. Then I got passed on to another sales person who was trying to twist my arm. I told them to stop calling me and I wasn't interested. They are unprofessional, rude and pushy....I think they are scamers who are trying to make money in the short run.
  • I was thinking about purchasing this but the man was so rude and condisending I figured it was a scam
  • If I could I'd give a Zero rating but it's not available so had to stick with 1 regretfully.

    Please be very wary of such promises and don't give your card number at any expense. I was taken for a lot more than what I saw you all paid. On December 1, 2016 they charged $398 plus $49.95 hosting fees for my website. Because my husband got sick and I had to quit teaching so I can take care of my husband at home I initially looked to do some kind of work from home and boy was I naive, gullible and stupid. Parted with so much money and still hoping to do business with their help. Then got a shocker of my life. Someone by the name of Ric called around Xmas time and at first he tried to soften you by saying he is a single dad. Naturally being nice and honest human being you feel sorry for him but please do not fall for him being single dad etc. what transpired next was nothing short of bullying and abuse by Ric. He was asking for about $4000.00/$5000.00 dollars for training fees and had the gall to suggest that I sell one of my properties to fund his demand of the training fees, which I never paid.

    In the meanwhile my husband dementia requires 100% caregiving, so I forgot about the initial about $450.00 that I invested again but I did complain to Maritza and sort of forgot about it and lo and behold I just saw they charged me another $49.95 on March 2nd. I called and Christopher, who answered the phone was rude and started to tell me that it non refundable. And Christopher said somebody will call me in 48 hours and I was pretty upset and then yesterday Mr. Russell called me and he said he was surprised by my allegation that Christopher was rude etc. Mr. Russell however mentioned to me that following my complain appropriate actions were taken against Ric. Mr Russell also hinted to me about legal consequences because I told him that I don't want innocent people scammed this way. One more thing I called and talked to my bank and they informed that they can't do anything about transaction that are over sixty days old.

    Folks be very careful who you trust and give you card numbers, because I did not do my due diligence myself, I,asked my nephew who was at the kitchen table with his iPhone to check this company and according to my nephew there were no bad reviews, but had I done the due diligence myself, there were quite a few and I would have been forewarned.

    Another thing with this company they change their phone numbers and hope that we are old retired people and after few tries we will just give up and forget about our money. The phone number that I had now goes to a doctor's office. There are other avenues to tackle such problems and to start with we should all contact Attorney General's office and stop them from praying on innocent people. All I wanted to do was use my brain to accomplish some meaningful discourse and supplement our income. So here I am out by almost $450.00 which is gone but they restarted to withdraw $49.95, on a recurring basis which I have to go through my bank to stop and which is also a lot of hassle. The bank told me that I should be able to see the latest amount by the end of the day but nada n now the bank is closed till Monday.

    Folks be very careful and please do your due diligence and I only wish I did it myself rather then trusting my nephew.

    Good luck to all n just be very careful with your money once it's taken it will be extremely difficult to recoupe.

    One more thing I wanted to add was that mr Russell wanted me to withdraw my complain from the bank and said they will refund the current amount of $49.95 because I think they don't want to have negative report etc but AG's office need to be aware of this scam.
    • Thank you for putting this information on the web. I almost gave these people my information, but something told me to check this company out. I am glad you were here to warn idiots like myself.

      Do you know if there are any reputable online companies out there similar to this because I believe in the concept: the people can be shady.

      Thanks again [email protected]
  • These guys are PROFESSIONAL SCAMMERS be aware of that and run away!!
  • I just got a call from them, after I listened to the recorded promo the consultant Jordon asked what do I think so far ... I answered I dont like it and she said how do you know ... I said i didnt like the promo and she just hung up

    As per above comments = buyer beware !!!!!!!!!!!!

    They looking for people wanting to get rich quick (gullible, innocent people like us )

    • Steve and Stephen, not the same person by chance?

      So this is very clear that you have not enrolled with nor paid for any service from our company. It is very clear you probably work with **** ******** our closest competitor. This will not work to steer our customers towards you. It will not take long for them to see our service and commitment out weighs any slanderous comment with no value.
  • I went ahead & paid $ was then told to design my website which I did with my articles. After that i was contacted by a guy in the marketing department about buying leads. This was termed as traffic which would help me get sales during the holidays October to December.

    Well, the amazon, etc packages are yet to be seen or any returns in $. I have been calling;no response to date. I am in the process of getting a law firm here to contact the office in US & get action taken. Think I am going to get the IRS involved.

    I have worked too hard to be cheated out of my $.Very disappointed.
    • I was also cheated in the same way . I did my payment via PayPal and I'm in the process to claim my money back but not sure if I will achieve that. Anyone can tell me if you recover your money and how you did?
    • I have experienced the same as the customer above. At the time I was out of work and needed the money that they took from me. After a couple of calls for training purposes, I never heard from any of them again. So very disappointed
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