Global Success Club Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Global Success Club is a new work at home opportunity from Vick Strizheus.  Found at, Vick lists this opportunity as “fail proof” and guaranteed to get you an income stream that you “couldn’t stop if you tried.”

While never actually says what kind of a business opportunity this is, based on the information given throughout the sales page, it seems likely that this is just another training course for affiliate marketing.  Since Global Success Club says you need no technical knowledge whatsoever, and that they provide you with a “turnkey system,” it’s likely that their affiliates are given pre-set web pages from which to promote their club.

This is why, if you search for information on the Global Success Club, the only websites that easily come up are from people who are affiliates for the program.

So What Is Global Success Club?

The Global Success Club is kind of a hybrid between a business opportunity – as mentioned before, likely a basic training course in affiliate marketing – and a self help seminar.  In addition to a business system, members of the Global Success Club have access to regular videos and materials prepared by self help gurus like the infamous Tony Robbins.

The concept behind this Global Success Club method is that you will not be able to achieve in the world of business unless you have the correct positive attitude.  Getting this continuous access to the motivational methods of people like Tony Robbins will keep your head in the proper place necessary for success.

Global Success Club Red Flags

Well, any company that makes the promises and earnings claims made by Global Success Club automatically sets off warning bells.  Saying that anyone, regardless of knowledge, experience, skill, or otherwise will be able to make $100,000 in 90 days is absolutely absurd.  And then to follow that up by further saying that you will be making “Income that is impossible to stop, even if you tried,” is even more ridiculous.

In addition, the Global Success Club claims that you will be given a 100% FREE trial of their program for 14 days, and all they ask is that you donate $1 to the Feed the Children Foundation.  However, when you click Add to Cart, you are taken to ClickBank, who informs you that it is $1 for a 14 day trial to Global Success Club, after which you will be charged $97.00 each month to maintain your membership.

$97.00 a month is an astronomical amount to pay for someone to train you in affiliate marketing, when there are hundreds of programs out there that won’t cost as much and are likely to be just as informative.  This leaves the impression that what you are really paying for is the access to the motivational speakers.  But that begs the question: were you looking for a business opportunity or a self help club?

It’s up to each person to determine their individual needs when beginning their own business, but if you don’t feel like you need motivational speakers to do well in business, then perhaps you should look elsewhere.

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  • I guess you're right to some extent because there are lots of scams and empty promises these days, too bad, but my own opinion, about global success club, $1 trial for 14 days is fair play, if anyone decides not to continue he/she can opt-out before the end of the trial.
  • Is it true that after the $1 14-day trial period, the business keeps charging you 97$ every month which is almost impossible to "unsubscribe"?
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