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The Global Survey Group is a company which claims to match you with reputable, legit market research companies so that you can complete surveys online from the comfort of your own home. says that the surveys they provide pay anywhere from $0.50 to $10 upon completion, and that motivated survey takers and panel participants can earn up to $250 a month in supplemental income.

It is free to join the Global Survey Group, as long as you are over the age of 18 and a citizen and current resident of the United States. All you must do is fill out a brief informational survey in order to get started.

Is It Legit?

When evaluating online survey companies, one of the first things you must do is check to see if you are being charged for membership. Legitimate market research companies will not charge you for membership.

This company says membership is free, as they are paid by the market research companies themselves for signing up new survey participants. However, they also recommend you to sign up with a variety of companies; make sure none of these companies are charging you for membership either.

Global Survey Group also encourages members to sign up for as many surveys and panels as possible, in order to have the most opportunity to complete surveys, which is good advice. And finally, they quote a reasonable expectation of earnings: between $10 and $250 a month.

What to Look Out For

There are two things that new members should be cautious about when it comes to signing up with this company. First, you are not being provided with surveys by this company personally. They are simply a portal to connect you with other companies.

This means that you must do individual research on each company you sign up with – how their compensation plan works and how their privacy policies operate specifically.

Second, Global Survey Group says they will use the information they receive from your surveys not just to give to research companies, but also to send you targeted ads, promotions, and coupons, as well as additional information on their products and services.

For this reason, you may want to set up a special email account just to handle your incoming surveys and marketing emails resulting from the surveys. If for any reason you have complaints about the process and wish to cancel, you can Unsubscribe from their survey on their FAQ page.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Global Survey Group " is 1.13 out of 5 based on 15 reviews.
  • I received a cashier’s check today for $1840. The letter told me to deposit check, keep 340 and take 1500 in cash to buy Best Buy gift cards. Then I was to answer questions about my experience with the cashier, send them my reviews and hang on to the gift cards for my second assignment. Haven’t cashed the check as I am very careful as I have been scammed before.
    • My bf just got the same thing, same amount, same directions, etc. Do we throw it away or do the police actually want us to turn it over to them?
    • I received a check from this company and called the bank! The check is counterfeit so I turned it over to the police department.
    • I received the same exact amount and directions. Thank GOD I didn’t put this check in my account I knew something wasn’t right.
  • Very disappointed with this group. I have been a member for a while and collected several rewards but have recently been shut out/ prevented from logging into my account to collect nearly 10,000 earned points. A number of attempts to contact technical support have gone unanswered.

    What a scam!!!!!!!!!! Great way to get participants to answer surveys for free.
  • I received a check for 2,890.00 to do secret shopping. They gave me a phone number of 1-800-210-5952 granted it is only 7:41am Eastern Standard time but it states you reached the voicemail of ( dead air ) then states the voicemail box is full. Hmmm fishy huh? so I am going to take this one step further and Contact Frost Bank 100 W. Houston St., San Antonio Tx 78205 which is a legit bank in Texas and find out if they have any accounts for this company, if not let them know scammers are using them. This is such B.S.!! Please note i did not deposit anything because I'm good on someone getting a hold of my bank info or any info at that.
    • I just received the same cashier's check today with the same info. I am calling the credit union to ask the same questions
  • Just received a cheque from intact insurance for 1984.13 told me to cash it leave 400.00 but no extra info not even email address
  • I received a check now my question is i deposited as they told me now what ? Omg i cant believe i believed them
  • Hi everyone, please be advised that this International/Global Survey Group is a SCAM! If any of you receive a cheque for any Mystery Shopper assignment, call the so-called issuer to verify the cheque if it is real. Then you won't give the chance for the scammer who tried to steal your hardworking earnings through your own hands.

    Today I received a cheque of $1,980.50 for the reason of first assignment. I was asked to deposit that into my account and keep $400.00 and withdraw the rest in CASH for the scammed assignment. That was too phishing to me. So I called the issuer on the cheque and found out they don't have the bank account which showed on that fake cheque.

    Let's do whatever we can to protect ourselves!
  • SCAM! I've filled out dozens of "qualifying" questions to be approved for a paid survey and every one of them has been rejected. They're getting their survey answers without paying.
  • Same here

    The cheque for $2300 arrived today (Manulife) and it looks quite genuine

    It is a total scam though and I have destroyed the cheque and sent a suitably worded email back to them
  • I am so happy I saw the reviews. It looked like a scam to me So I called the number on the letter and it went to voice mail and then stated voice mail was full. The check looked real. This is so awful especially for people who need the money.
  • I received check today $1,980.50. They instruct me to deposit $400 and take the rest out for mystery shopping
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