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Global Test Market
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Global Test Market


Global Test Market ( is a fairly established online market research panel. They have participants from nearly 200 countries contributing opinions in return for cash rewards. Over the years they have maintained a solid reputation and have an impressive, 5 million plus, membership.

Similar to other survey companies Global Test Market will send survey invitations to your email box. This is why it’s important to use a valid email address when you register with them. Upon completion of a survey you’ll be rewarded with market points which can later be redeemed for cash.

At the current exchange rate 1,000 points will earn you fifty US dollars which is also the minimum cash out level. The good thing about Global Test Market is that they reward loyalty and the more surveys you complete the more points per survey you will get.

The company pays out by checks in US dollars, this can be a slight inconvenience for non US residents, but nothing too serious. After reaching the appropriate level and requesting payment it can take up to two months to receive your check.

So far I haven’t received any complaints regarding non-payment issues from Global Test Market members. The only downside is that it can take several months to reach the fifty dollar minimum cash out point. So I would recommend using this company in conjunction with another income stream.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Global Test Market " is 2.27 out of 5 based on 194 reviews.
  • Global Test Market does pay better than most survey sites, that is not their problem. I have been paid more and earned more rewards from them then other survey site I am a member of. I currently am a member of 10 survey sites. THE BIG problem with Global is their member services, or I should say the lack there of. They are a joke. It takes them 2 to 3 months to respond to a problem, if they respond at all. I am ready to leave this month. I am leaving with over 5000 reward points on the table for surveys I have taken that I have received no rewards for. That number is worth almost $50.00. Two of those surveys were this year and each a month long. The company simply does not care and does not have enough resources devoted to member services. If you are thinking about starting with company, STOP, it has gotten substantially worse in 2018 and will probably never get any better. Oh, by the way, they are not based in the U.S. but in the the UK.
  • I am so disappointed with globaltestmarket, now that I have lots of coins then they wont help me log in my account so I can redeem. Everytime I tried to login it says invalid email address and I know its correct because Im still getting their surveys. I sent them emails over and over but with no reply. I am so disappointed! So, I guess they are scam I thought they are legit.
  • I thought that I would give global test market ago and at first all seemed fine until they suddenly decided that they needed to send me surveys at 04.23am which I am positive really didn't need my attention at that time of the night thanks but no thanks.
  • it is a scam!Stay away from globaltestmarket.

    globaltestmarket should be shot down.
  • Global Test Market recently changed from market points to life points. Before the change over I had enough points for a $200 redemption. When I checked this morning I had enoug life points for $15 on pay pal. I contacted them asking what happened to all the points I had.Waiting for a response.
    • You may be waiting a LOOOOOONG time. I have enough for almost $400 and I haven't been able to access my account for months and never get a reply from anyone!
  • After spending 20 minutes or so completing a survey they will tell you you aren't qualified for the survey. They have gotten the answers they need to bill the company that has asked for the survey so they cut you off. You get nothing. It has happened several times to me. Oh, and then try to redeem your points, you only need 100 or 200 to get a reward...what they don't tell you is that you need 1000 point before you can redeem for anything. Even if you are only trying to redeem 150. This is a scam! I'm sure if you reach 1000 points, the rules will probably change. Don't waste your time like I did
    • I am sorry to hear that this was happening in the past as it is happening to me now. Same deal, you complete a survey and when you finish the demographic questions I get the message "Wow it appears you have already completed this survey". I don't mind being screened out early in the Survey but on completion - that is a bit harsh. This mob are a joke as I find this happens to me about 5 times out of every 6 surveys completed. Trying to get a response is also difficult, you just get the standard reply that you didn't qualify. I will soon be closing my account once I have cashed out.
  • Almost 1000 point. After trying to collect paypal a saw that i need 1150 points(!!??) to collect 10 euro (=10 USD)??!!!! cheap bastards!! ....and the last survey to reach the 1150 point is showing an error at the end of the survey. Conclusion: 100% SCAM
  • I've been a member for several years. Just recently I haven't received any surveys and unable to log on. I probably invert ling put the survey in spam or block it . I need help to get back on track
  • After doing a coupe dozen surveys, I can no longer log in to the site which claims the e-mail or password is wrong. Cannot redeem points since it won't allow me to log on.
  • My checks from them bounced and they have not made it right!!! Not only am I out the money, but I also have incurred bank fees. TOTAL SCAM!!!
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