Google Work from Home Kit Reviews – Legit or Scam?

In the latest work from home trend, marketing companies are focusing on selling the dream of Google work from home opportunities.  There are hundreds of these websites claiming that if you sign up for their kit they’ll show you how to make $200 – $600 a day posting links on Google.

The most egregious of these offenders go out of their way to make you believe that you’ll be working directly for Google Inc.  They post pictures of Google headquarters in CA and will even use buzzwords like “hiring,” “employment,” and “work at home jobs.”

What’s even worse is how low they’ve stooped to market these Google work from home kits.  The most common method is to use a fake online newspaper.  They create a website that mimics the home page of popular online news portals; they even include minute details like a weather forecast.

These fake newspapers feature one article with a variation of one of the following headlines:

How a Stay At Home Mom Makes $7359/ Month on Google

Is Working Online At Home The Next Gold Rush?

Breaking News: Google Hiring Americans to Work from Home

These articles profile a successful work at home Mom or Dad who are using one of these kits to not only survive these hard times, but make a killing working from home.  At the bottom of the article there’s a procession of comments, which are also fake, followed by pictures of checks and more links to purchase a start-up kit.
Here are some examples of what these sites look like…

fake-news-sitemary steadman

Google Work at Home Kits the Biggest Scams to Date?

Aside from the deception used to get you to click through to one of these kits, the worst part is still to come.  These kits are practically given away for nominal shipping and handling fees of around 2 bucks; however you need to read the terms and conditions to get the full story.

What you are really signing up for is a trial period of the product; depending on which kit you purchase you have between 3 – 7 days to cancel.  If you fail to do so, they will begin to charge you a high monthly fee for the continual use of the product.  To make matters worse, often times they take the liberty of signing you up for additional trials for products you never even heard off, much less requested.

This is completely unethical and these Google work from home opportunities have fleeced customers for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Since these billing stipulations are hidden in the fine print most people fail to see them until it’s far too late.

If you already fell for one of these scams there are several things you can do:

1) If you still have the link to the original offer, follow it and read the Terms and Conditions page to get a cancellation number.  What makes this difficult is that these kits are hosted on complicated domains like “…”

Almost no one remembers them and to further complicate matters these sites are always changing names and numbers.

Here’s a list of some of the more popular ones at the time of writing this article:

make money from home with google
Name: Make Money From Home With Google
Phone Numbers: 1-877-361-8622, 1-877-495-1145, 1-800-418-9320 ( Need to call all 3 to cancel additional programs)
Address: Search 4 Profit, LLC.7614 Arvilla Avenue.Sun Valley, CA 91352

profit library

Name: Profit Library with Google
Phone Number: 1-800-440-4397
Address: 625 Main street West Indies Nevis

Profits at home using Google
Name: Profits at Home Using Google
Phone Number: 877-484-8016, International: 00-1-646-205-0216
Address: Pacific WebWorks, Inc – Utah, USA

2) The easier option is to call your bank or credit card and report these fraudulent charges.  In most cases your credit card company will have a phone number for you to call and cancel the monthly charges.  Still, this doesn’t always work and in many cases people have resorted to reporting their cards stolen and are not taking responsibility for the purchase.

It’s pretty clear that you should stay away from any offers that resemble anything mentioned in this article.  The information in these Google work from home scams is outdated and definitely not worth the monthly fees.

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  • Very good blog you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any forums that cover

    the same topics talked about in this article? I'd really like to be a part of group where I can get advice from other experienced individuals that share the same interest.

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!
  • Thanks a lot! This is definitely an great web site.
  • OH-YES! After being 'Beaten, Robbed, Pillaged and Abused': I keep getting up; Thank you everyone, and I am so sorry for the 'Fraudulent Issues' with money making and the internet; Word of 'THUMB': put "REVIEW", at the end of every search for work-at-home; especially when you think you found GOLD! 'There is usually someone "BURNT", before you'.


    Mr. Malcolm
  • Thank you. I started to sign up for Google Hiring at home. I am in debt as it is and I thought working from home would help me get out of debt, but only to find out it will put me further into debt. Once again I thank you very as well as others I,m sure.
  • I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE. I WAS ON THE SIGN UP PAGE AND SAID TO MYSELF "let me read the terms and conditions because this sounds too good to be true". And after reading the terms and conditions I was correct this is too good to be true and I'm glad that you confirmed it. I can't believe I almost gave away a lot of money I can't afford to lose. Google should be close down in my opinion. If I would've lost any money because of their scam I would've had to cancel my credit card and rerouted all my auto bill pays to another card. Well, thank you for the article I appreciate it!
    • I think all of us who r making remarks ALMOST fell for it.. Sounded good didnt it?

      Look into BITCOIN MINING , U have to buy a Certain Machine but OMG u can make killer money..

      Read up on BITCOINS AND LITECOINS... Its a new(3 years old) currency for the net.. FULLY LEGIT..
  • So basically the review is telling us that it works, but you have to do extra things to actually get it to work for you.
  • I saw the ad on Google's actual website sadly. Clicked on it, figuring it was too good to be true, and soon found out it was. I came to the purchase page for the "shipping and handling" to see if I could get any more information and found that it would be charging me $5 for the first 7 days, and then $67 every 30 days after that. I don't think so. I quickly exited the site and searched to see if it was a scam. Needless to say, I found this site confirming my answer.
  • super site...thanks
  • Dreadful.

    My advice: Reply to the invoice asking for an immediate refund the second after disconnecting from the "start-up consultants".

    If you ask questions of Simon or Jason, they will either 1) put you on hold hoping you will hang up; or 2) hang up on you.

    This company should be ashamed of themselves advertising start-up help.
  • Thanks for this post. It is a God send.
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