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Grant Approval Guide
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Grant Approval Guide


Grant Approval Guide, at, is a new website that claims to help Americans apply and be approved for federal grant money. With just a name, email address, and registered telephone number you can get your guide for free.

In addition to providing you with the Grant Approval Guide, you will also get access to their sister websites,, where you could be eligible for a $500 gift certificate simply by completing a survey, and, another website dealing with federal grants.

Before you can receive your Grant Approval Guide, however, you must complete a brief questionnaire based on whether or not you are looking for further education, bankruptcy information, or health insurance information.

If you are, Grant Approval Guide will release your contact information to their partner companies who will then contact you with offers and special deals that you may be interested in.

However, if you are looking for information regarding government grants and would prefer your personal contact information not be shared with third party companies and advertisers, you could always go to, the free government provided website.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Grant Approval Guide " is 1.36 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
  • I never signed up for thier guide, I know these things are not legitimate. Remember people, nothing in this world is free, and if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. But my main thing is that they robot dialed my cell phone today which is why I'm here. My phone rang once and then went to voice mail, I do not have my phone set up to do that. Robot dialing of cell phones is against the communications act and has been addressed in the courts several times. Do not fall for any get rich quick scam. They want to take your money, not give you money. Our government does not offer free information, you have to find it. But you must prove a need to be granted money from the government and it is a very long and drawn out process. Be smart, don't feed the trolls.
  • I finally got through to my bank. I explained to them and showed them it was fraud. I was told because I had overdraft protection they paid it any way (with little or no money in account). That makes me the bad guy according to the bank. I have to pay them back (give away more money) so they may look in to the matter, (could take 6 to 8 months). In the mean time I cant use my account. I ordered a new card but still have to wait. My account will be closed in 10 days. dammed if you do dammed if you don't. Well this Company (web site) can kiss my ass, Along with my bank .
    • You have a terrible bank! switch right away, I never have any problem like that with wells fargo but other banks are available as well. just look at the user agreement and make sure your debit and credit card are backed by visa. you can call VISA and do a charge back even if your banks a jerk. did you know that?
  • I'm kind of new at this computer thing. I thought it would be easy. I ordered the GRANT GUIDE for $4.94 and got nothing, now a charge for $79.97 is on my debit card. The bank said I have to prove it was fraud be for they will help. (that's no help)
  • Yeah, ordered a guide, which arrived already. Then a $79 charge just now hot and caused our account to become overdraw,

    Did anyone here have success challenging the charge with your credit card company?
  • Zero rating! The same her. I cancelled my subscription the next day with a conservation number. That did no good. Just today there is a$79.00 charge on the acct. Pending. With the same 888-510-4414 phone number the bank can see. This is a scam, first of all. only grants the state, county money.

    It's not even for individuals. Maybe the grant money is coming from us, the one's getting scammed. This is terrible or government does this to us. Why am I not shocked. I yes the card will be cancelled and I'll dispute the charges
  • I signed up abd cancelled the same day abd they still billed me every month fir 2 months. I am disputing these charges through my credit card company. The number that shows up to call is 888-510-4414. I am going to call to see if I can get a refund
  • Everyone needs to make sure they read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the sign up page and research that site online before you fill it states you pay $1 to $5 for a 10 day trial, after that you are,charged the $79 every month until you cancel. However, cancel before the 10 days is up and you won't be charged. Once you fill out the application with your information and pay for the trial, you gave them permission to bill you every month after trial.
  • This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They took monies from my acct. with out any approval. It is a scam and a fraud. I have filed against them and recommend that all of the consumers that have been scammed do the same. Go to your bank file unauthorized debit transactions as well as calling the BBB. If you call the company they are extremely rude swear and tell you nothing and then hang up on you. Good luck to all the other victims of this scamming, rude company!
  • I can't believe the government would scam people like this. I got a call from a lady saying I could get 7000 dollars in grant money. I paid 280 dollars like a damn fool and got to the point to get my reference number to find out it was scam. So now I am out 280 dollars. I'm just really disappointed I could have used that money.
  • Just received a call and some lady said im approved to get 7000 dollars, then she asked me if i want it cash,master card or my bank acc . I said my bank acc. She was nice and all but I changed my mind and said cash. She then started talkin fast and rude said ok ur gonna call Hallen Jackson @ 2025590768 and claim it or confirm. She also gave me my app # . I call the 202 # it keeps on ringing, no answer ... I'm sure glad I didn't gave her my bnk acc # .... I'm sure it was some kind of fraud ....
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