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Grant Approval Guide
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Grant Approval Guide


Grant Approval Guide, at, is a new website that claims to help Americans apply and be approved for federal grant money. With just a name, email address, and registered telephone number you can get your guide for free.

In addition to providing you with the Grant Approval Guide, you will also get access to their sister websites,, where you could be eligible for a $500 gift certificate simply by completing a survey, and, another website dealing with federal grants.

Before you can receive your Grant Approval Guide, however, you must complete a brief questionnaire based on whether or not you are looking for further education, bankruptcy information, or health insurance information.

If you are, Grant Approval Guide will release your contact information to their partner companies who will then contact you with offers and special deals that you may be interested in.

However, if you are looking for information regarding government grants and would prefer your personal contact information not be shared with third party companies and advertisers, you could always go to, the free government provided website.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Grant Approval Guide " is 1.36 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
  • Verrrryyyyy dreadful , i get charged freaken $79.75 without authorizing that charge =which compromised my financial situation will never deal with these people again . On top of that i will be out $ 20.00 because i have to have my bank card rushed so that i am not waiting 10 days so i can have access to my money, despicable situation.
  • I really believe that grant assistance should be ashamed of them selves for taking peoples money without their knowledge I would have never agreed to spend $57.93 a month for nothing. on july 5th I ordered the cd for $2.97 then on 7-11 I was charged $57.93 each month with nothing to show for it. I can not even sign in to the website yet they have my money how rude. I am going to try to cancel the auto withdrawal through my bank as I have no way of contacting grant assist or z belly what ever the name may be people are catching on so another name change?
    • You know what I am appalled by this bs as well , on feb 2 i got that same stupid cd and almost two weeks later , i get automatically charged $79.75 , i had no idea i would be charged this freaken monthly rate , on top of that i had to cancel my card and have my bank re issue another 1 and get charged $ 20.00 for my new card to be rushed otherwise i would have to wait 2 weeks before i could access my freakn money / i am so upset with this oh and by the way their # is 888 510 4414
  • I am approved but i can't use my zipcode
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