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Grant Assist, at, is a website that offers people a kit to help them understand how the government grant system works, and claims that they will give you “step by step directions” that will enable you to get a $50,000 grant from the United States government.

Money provided by the national government to help people successfully accomplish a variety of things – purchase or renovate property, earn a college degree, begin a start up business, etc – are considered government grants.  Applications are required as well as a detailed outline carefully explaining the ways in which you will use the money to achieve your goals, in order to receive these funds.

In order to receive the kit you need from Grant Assist, you must give them all your information and pay a Shipping & Handling fee of $2.97.

The Truth Behind Grant Assist

Grant Assist asks you to fill in your address for shipping purposes. At the bottom of the address form, there is a tiny little footnote that says giving them your address means that you have read and agreed to their Terms & Conditions. In order to actually read the Terms, however, you must click the link at the very bottom of the page.

In their Terms you’ll see that your initial fee of $2.97 gives you a 7 day membership. After 7 days, you will be charged $57.93 for your membership. This $57.93 is a charge that will reoccur every 30 days until you cancel your membership. And while you may cancel at any time, nothing but your initial charge of $2.97 is eligible for a refund.

At no point, anywhere on their page, does Grant Assist mention a membership fee, or a trial membership. To the average buyer who doesn’t read their entire Terms page, the charge of $57.93 will be a complete surprise. That is completely unethical business.

In addition, Grant Assist is located in Ta’L-lbrag, Malta, which means that trying to get a refund could be extremely difficult. Also, it’s not exactly confidence inspiring that a foreign based company is offering to teach you how to get US grant funds.

Finally, the United States government already has a website that explains the entire grant process to you, for completely free. If you are interested in getting information on applying for grants, that is the best place to start.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Grant Assist " is 1.19 out of 5 based on 27 reviews.
  • This company is a scam. I have been calling all of the numbers to stop the $57.93 dollar charge. They only have a recording. I did not know they have taking the money out of my account. The recording keeps asking for a number that you used to sign up for the service. Any number I put in get the same response which is "put in a number you used". When I select the number for a representative it tells me their systems are down and to call back in 30 minutes.

    I am going to report this the BBB and I also notice they use different names when they withdraw this amount.


    I did not even know what this charge was. They scammed me really good. I have notified my bank and report this to the BBB asap!
    • How did they get your bank or credit card info? Because they called me by phone asking where I lived & what my income was to qualify. I told them nothing and asked them for a phone number which I could call them back. They said all they had were outgoing lines so I asked for the web address and they gave me that. But I checked them out first before I would have given them any of my account numbers or paid anything. Can they get money from you if you don't give them information?
  • Sent them money for a cd, received it . there is nothing on it!! Just a GRANTS Assist title and Grant Software!! Just a blank for $2.97. Guess they tried to get more but only $10. dollars on that card. They should be shut down & sent to Jail AL
    • i did the same!!!!!sent the $2.97 got the cd and there is nothing on it...i ve even tried to call and it said the agents were busy place me hold for 30mins i hung up and called the same thing...yea they got me too.
  • I noticed a strange recurring charge on my mothers credit card since August 2011 of $57.93 which began with a description of GrAssist.org8886325590Swieqi which then changed to zbelly.com8886325590. A quick google search and it turns out that its a scam setup to fool you into thinking that they can provide a service which turns out to be a fraud instead! The only way to cancel the "service" is to call their number and ask for a cancellation number which you should retain for your records as I never received the e-mail they said they would send my mother as confirmation! Lets see if the recurring charge goes away on the next bank statement. Stay away from these sites and report them to the BBB!
  • I too was scammed by Grant Assist. I never read the fine print in the terms and conditions so that's what i get. i was taken for 2 monthly payments of 57.93. i found a phone number to call them. 1-888-632-5590 and i talked to a man named Steven. I explained how i was getting charged without my consent and he stopped the charges. so supposedly my account is closed. this is on 12/29/11. so I'll have to wait til my next card statement. the wait on the phone was only about a minute. I hope this works out and i hope it helps anybody else that has been scammed.
  • While I was looking for the unemployment site to register for unemployment benefits several pop-ups came on,one of which, was GrantAssist. It said it would give me a trial for $2.97 to look at various ways of getting grants. At the end it said just return it for a complete refund if you were dissatisfied 100% guaranteed. What it didn't say in the main body, was that if you don't cancel within 7 days they would charge you another $57.93. That was in the Term & Conditions link. I went to my bank and they put in a request to get my money back. I also cancelled my debit card.

    The bank said since I had received services from them there was nothing that they could do. At that time I all that I did was receive there disc. I sent a fax to the bank showing them the website and explaining what happened, but I never received a reply. I'm going to show this review site to my bank, and see if they will reinvestigate the matter.
  • Absolutely horrible company. I called twice to get a refund and each time I was asked if I read the fine print. I was also told I would not get a refund of $57.93 which was an unauthorized charge on my credit card. I filed a dispute with my credit card company only to have them tell me that they could only help me if I am charged after my cancellation date. I called Grant Assist again and asked to speak with a supervisor and was told they were at corporate. They would only give me an email address for the person I needed to contact. After four weeks of emailing the supervisor, I get a response, after I threatened to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, highlighting their no refund policy. So rude and unprofessional. There was absolutely no effort to resolve the issue. I filed a complaint with the BBB this morning. If anyone is interested you'll need to file with the BBB in Southern Nevada. Grant Assist's information is:

    848 N. Rainbow Blvd., Ste. 589

    Las Vegas, NV 89107


    I also provided the link to this website of all the reviews in my complaint to the BBB. If they see enough complaints they may possibly bring a class action lawsuit against them. Several years ago, there was a company scamming a whole bunch of people, and after 40+ complaints, I was contacted by the BBB's attorney and I got all my money back plus penalties and interest I had paid. It is worth the effort to file complaints with the BBB. They will do everything they can to help.
  • I received the CD also, but it's a joke, I amabout to loose the house, and this program said it would help me, helpme what loose all my money, they have hit me 2 x's in one day for each charge of $57.93, I have been hit 3 x's that I know of, guess i need to get to the bank tomorrow and save what I have left. I guess call the attorney general office for my state tomorrow, and see what they can do for me.

    This person/company is a criminal and should be processed the same as someone robbing a bank. Please does anyone know how to proceed to try and retrieve my money, since it is on a mastercard will they help. I been receiving calls from a person that they are representing master card and want more information, I not a fool twice, so be on the look out for these calls, calls coming from a 613 area code, lady cant speak very good or any english.

    Look out for this scam from GrantAssist.
    • Hey Al, you can dispute the charge on your credit card but get some proof. Like get a printout of all these pages on this site will also help and they should reverse the charge. They are usually pretty good about refunding things like that. Good Luck.
  • So,

    Are we ready to do something about this?

    These scam artists must be reprimanded. Lawsuits usually do a fine job!

    Anyone interesetd?
    • I called twice and emailed "corporate" 4 times until I got a response. They're not refunding my money, however, with enough complaints with the Better Business Bureau they will do something. I'm filing my complaint today. Anyone want to file a complaint with them? I'm in for a class action!
  • This is a complete scam!!!! Told only a $2.00 fee for the CD that I did recieve. Then I look at my statement and find a charge for $57.93 to a cite is that!). This is false advertising. I would really like to see that money in my wallet again! It is sooo easy for people to scam like this that I don't want to purchase anything at all on line or believe any advertisement. Makes it really hard for the many honest people out there.
  • Scam Scam Was taken from this company and now trying to get out of it. They are now charging under the same 57.93 I now have to go to the bank to try and stop this since its under my business account. UGH stay away from this company
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