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Grants is a new website with an interesting concept toward making money.  Grant’s Dot claims that it wants to help you take advantage of all the government grants available through federal programs.

Government grants are money provided by the federal government to help you do a variety of things: start a business, finish your education, purchase property, etc.  In general, to receive grants you must fill out applications and provide documentation of how you will spend the money.

Grant’s Dot says that they will give you access to thousands of dollars in loans that you will never have to repay.  For a $1.95 processing fee, you can have an introductory trial to their website, to take a look at all the grants available and to see which ones you might qualify for.

So is Grant’s Dot a Scam?

In a word?  Yes.  For the record, Grant’s Dot is correct about one thing: there are thousands of government grants available, and should you receive one, you will not be required to pay it back.

However, government grants are incredibly difficult to qualify for, and even if you are qualified, you must beat out all the other applicants who also qualify for that money.  The truth is, there are people who fill out government grants for a living.  It’s a real job.  And it pays incredibly well.  It pays so well because applying for grants is incredibly complicated.

And even if you fell into the tiny percentage of people who not only qualify for a grant, but also has the ability to successfully apply for one, the truth is Grant’s Dot would still be scam.  Why?  Because the $1.95 processing fee they charge you is good for 24 hours.  After that, they begin charging you $57.61 every 90 days as a subscription fee.

And if you’re not bothered by the 24 hr trial period before the residual billing begins, then you’ll probably at least be bothered by the fact that the Federal Government already runs its own database for federal grants that anyone can sign up for – and it’s free.  And it’s likely far more comprehensive and up-to-date than anything Grant’s Dot could supply at any price.

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