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Grants is a website targeting people who are looking for ways to make money by claiming to give them a kit that will get them thousands of dollars in government grant money by identifying what grants they qualify for and outlining a process for getting the quickest possible payout.

Government grants are monetary funds provided by the national government to help people successfully accomplish a variety of things: purchase or renovate property, earn a college degree, begin a start up business, etc.  To receive grants from the federal government, applications are required as well as a detailed outline carefully explaining the ways in which you will use the money to achieve your goals.

Grants Money does a decent job of laying out the difficulties that come with actually receiving a government grant, and says that for $1.95 processing fee you will get access to their kit for an introductory trial, in order to see whether or not you believe that Grants Money services are for you.

So is Grants Money a Scam?

Grants Money is better than other grant related websites in that they do a good job of showing the difficulties in receiving grant money, and that government grants are not an “easy” way to receive “free money.”  But Grants Money details the difficulties of receiving government grants not to warn consumers, but rather to get them to buy their grant kit, which will apparently give the regular Joe a leg up over everyone else in the grant process.

The problem with this proposed kit is that over half of what it claims to do – identify grants you qualify for, give you a step by step explanation of how to apply for that grant – is available for free at the Federal Government’s website for grants.  But, I guess for $1.95 the rest of the kit is worth checking out, right?

Not really.  The $1.95 introductory trial for Grants Money only lasts 24 hours, at which time you will be charged $57.61 for access to their website.  This $57.61 charge will be recurring every 30 days as well, until you cancel.  Also, your $1.95 fee gets you a two day trial to their “Work From Home Guide,” which will cost you another charge of $38.21 if not cancelled within the first 48 hours.

Shady billing practices charging you for services that you can find elsewhere for free – if that’s not a reason to stay away from Grants Money, I don’t know what is.

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  • Thank goodness I looked these people up on line first! Scam! Although they are within the law, all they want to do is make money off you for very little profit to you, the consumer. I will NOT give out my bank account, credit card or other personal info to any "too good to be true" company. They use the Federal Government Free Grant system as their muse. I just wish I knew how to stop the little buggers from calling me at home!! I don't want to change my phone number. Any info how to do this? Thanks!
  • Grantsmoney is a sham, I never had any dealing with grantsmoney but some how they gained access to my card and withdrew $32.46 without my authorization. And they should reimburse me.

    Elbert Huddleston from Nashville,tennessee
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