Grindabuck Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of the Grindabuck, a company that says they want to help people take all their normal, daily online activity and turn it into “free gift cards and more.”

Their company promises that joining their rewards club is completely free of charge and customers will be able to begin participating in activities and earning rewards right away. They even promise to provide you with “100 Grindabucks” just for creating your account.

What Is Grindabuck?

Grindabuck describes themselves as an online rewards club that gives people a chance to earn rewards by completing simple tasks, including taking surveys, completing offers, shopping, participating in contests, trying out products, watching videos, and much more.

The reality is that online rewards clubs are often a type of market research which gives people a way to earn money while providing companies and researchers with feedback and information about how people are experiencing their products and services.

Their website says that the Grindabuck rewards platform pays their customers in a virtual currency that they call Gridabucks. Once customers have accumulated enough Grindabucks, they can be exchanged in their online rewards store for different gift cards and for Bitcoin.

Members are also welcomed and encouraged to refer friends and family members to sign up for their services, and if they use your referral code when creating their membership, you will earn 10% of all the points that are earned by your referrals.

Are They Legit?

Grindabuck is actually a new rewards club which means there simply isn’t as much information available for their club as there are for others, like Swagbucks. Still, customers can independently evaluate some of the aspects of the way this company operates.

It is important that companies like this never charge their customers for membership, which Grindabuck doesn’t, and that they provide their members with a fair minimum payout. Grindabuck says their minimum is $10, which is not as low as some other rewards company, but certainly not as high as many others; it’s a very reasonable payout.

There are some customers who have complained that they didn’t know they would be asked for proof of identification before they could receive their payouts, and they found it frustrating because they had already done work for this company and they believed the company wasn’t up front about its payout requirements.

Still, other customers have claimed that this company honors their promises and they were successfully able to exchange their points for gift cards for major retailers like

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