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Happy BidDay is a penny auction website that features two different types of penny auctions and offers free registration that takes less than 60 seconds.

When you register with Happy BidDay, you receive 50 free bids and enrolled in their Rewards Program, where you can continue to earn free bids. You can also buy bid packs, where bids range from 50 cents to 80 cents, depending on the size of the pack.

There are different types of auctions featured at Happy BidDay. The first is the regular penny auction, called One Cent Auctions. The second is called Happy Auctions. You can tell the difference between the two by the icons next to the bid button.

One Cent Auctions

The One Cent Auctions at Happy BidDay work very similar to most other penny auction websites. You must purchase bid packs to bid on the One Cent Auctions; the free bids you receive at registration and in the Rewards Program are not applicable to these auctions.

Each time you bid, the auction clock will be increased by “a few seconds,” and the last bidder wins the item. After you have won your item, you have 3 days to purchase the item at the winning price, plus you must pay delivery fees.

If you do not purchase your item within 3 days, it will be removed from your cart. If this happens, your bids will not be returned to you because they are considered “used.”

However, the bid packs you purchased are eligible for refund within 30 days of their original purchase if you are interested in requesting one.

Happy Auctions and the Rewards Program

The free bids you receive at registration and through the Rewards Program are placed directly into your Free Bids Account and are to be used exclusively on the Happy Auctions.

The Rewards Program rewards customer loyalty. You can earn more free bids by logging in everyday, inviting your friends to Happy BidDay, purchasing bid packs, and as a birthday gift, you will receive 100 free bids.

However, free bids expire on the first of the month for bids received the month before. Only 250 bids will be allowed to roll over into the next month.

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