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The Home Cash Academy job training package, available at Home-Cash-Academy.com is a new work at home opportunity promoted by spokeswoman Jenny Lee, and says that anyone willing to follow simple instructions can make money online.

Jenny Lee says that using Home Cash Academy she is able to work only one to four hours each day, and currently makes twice the income she made with her traditional, salaried day job.

Customers who are interested in getting access to their Search Engine Agent training program can do so by paying an initial registration fee of $49, and they will be able to begin earning money immediately.

What is Link Posting?

Search Engine Agent training programs are probably the most popular independent business opportunities being sold online today. The term link posting is just another way of talking about affiliate marketing, a business where people earn commissions when links they post result in sales for partner companies.

Unfortunately, Home Cash Academy, like other popular link posting training programs, misrepresents this opportunity in a few different ways.

Because the number one priority of these types of sites is to sell their training program, they often work hard to make this opportunity seem much cheaper and easier than it actually will be.

The Truth

Besides misrepresenting the way you will be paid, by saying that you are paid to post links when in reality you get commissions when links make sales, Home Cash Academy also makes it seem as though you can pay your registration fee and instantly begin making money.

In reality you will actually either need a website, which will have fees for a domain name, hosting, and maintenance, or you will need to place paid link ads online which also incurs fees.

And though there are many people who make very good money working in this industry, they certainly don’t do it with only one or two hours of work per day, at least not initially. Creating a successful affiliate marketing business takes lots of time, hard work, and effort.

People who are interested in affiliate marketing and link posting can find free information on this type of business all over the internet, from public forums to Wikipedia, before you ever have to invest any money in a training program.

If you're at OpportunityChecker.com because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Cash Academy " is 1.44 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
  • I was ready to try this home business untill i read these reviews thank you everyone for letting me know wbhat a rip off they are i see how they make there money and it's by taking advantage of other peoples heard earnd money these people are not out to help others
  • I tried the first one I saw and after I paid them I could not hear from them any more.
  • I think sounds good but it seems like the more you pay for skills,the more you are led to believe you will earn more.

    The reality of any job is to work hard,sacrifice time,family and social activities until you are at a comfortable place.

    Personally I would be cautious and do it on your downtime. Find an alternative income even part time. This will make you productive and boost your confidence while using this as a hobby. A steady income does remarkable things for your moral. Just keep smiling,think positive,and have faith,courage to persevere whatever your position in life is at that time
  • I am a 96 year old artist and am intrigued by all this.

    I know there are scams a bunch out there - but - this trying to survive on my Social Security check is a "bummer".

    THAT is why this is so interesting.

    John Scott
  • Www I'm glad I didn't sign up thanks for the reviews!
  • I spoke with Lisa today on the phone.She explained to me how simple it was to make money posting links as well as commissions.She was offering the program for $44.95 compared to a $97.00 charge online. I certainly would have not given her my card details over the phone so I opted to tell her that I will do the transaction on Monday. Immediately the phone was silent.She hung up.
  • I purchased the Home Cash Academy in January 2014 and I have not made any money yet and not to mention its very Brain Challenging trying to even understand how to get started Straight RIP OFF!!
  • This is the biggest scam I've ever seen.Falsely represented 100%.

    It's nothing like what they described at all.

    God forbid you try to get your $$ back..they freak out and basically tell you it's not happening. It also said it would be a special price of 29.00 and they charged me 49.00. They are extremely rude and very unprofessional. My credit card company assured me they will get my $ back. So anyone that truly wants to make some extra $ at home stay away from this. SCAM !!
  • They are no good just payed and nothing happens suck going to report it.
  • Just payed these people !!! Knew something was wrong each click asked for more money to advance your skills!!!1 what a FOOL trying this BS!!!! Will report to BBB if refund is not returned promply!!!!
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