Home Cash Flow Solution Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Home Cash Flow SolutionHomeCashFlowSolution.com is a new website by Jason Hall that claims to be able to give you the necessary tools and training to make money from home.  For a one time fee of $97.00, they promise you a set of ten pre-made, fully automated websites ready to go live and begin making you money within minutes of signing up.

While you will own the ten pre-made websites, Home Cash Flow Solution will set them up with ten different products to be promoted and sold from your individual sites.  These products will all be download ready – eBooks, Scripts, Software, ect – so there is no need for you to purchase, carry, or ship actual products.

Home Cash Flow Solution makes it clear that your job is simply to get traffic to your websites, and they will help you do just that, with their internet marketing training course.

So is Home Cash Flow Solution a Scam?

Well, the first problem is that Home Cash Flow Solution offers you pre-made websites, which will likely be the exact same pre-made websites they are offering everyone who comes to their website.  And, as anyone who works with internet marketing or internet sales will tell you, it is already difficult to make money online with a completely unique website, and using websites and products that are also being used by hundreds of other people will only make it incredibly more difficult.

Second, they say that all you have to do is get traffic to your website.  This happens to be the most difficult task for anyone working in internet marketing, including major corporations!  And while Home Cash Flow Solution claims to train you, remember that they are offering identical services to the hundreds of others who will have your identical websites and identical products.

They could also potentially offer to up sell you to a package that includes programs that will get you traffic to your website automatically.  These types of programs are notoriously worthless – most people even suspect that they are simply bots that make it appear as though people are visiting your website, but you will still never see sales.

And – since we’re on the subject of up selling – since Home Cash Flow Solution makes no mention on their sales page of charging you for hosting and site maintenance, there is a good chance that once you pay your $97.00 you will be enticed to pay more for that as well.  It seems highly unlikely that Home Cash Flow Solution would be giving hundreds of people free site hosting out of the goodness of their hearts.

Finally, Home Cash Flow system is being promoted by fake news sites.  You may have been directed to them from News 10 Reports or News 8 Reports, where you read a story about Jessica Holcomb from a town close to you… Yes.  The fake news site is a large warning to avoid a particular product, because if they are willing to use such dishonest tactics to get you to their website, it’s probably a bad indicator of what could happen once they get your credit card number.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • You should always look up every website before you buy to be sure it is not a scam.
  • They have proof to me this not a scam.

    Only way is not a scam! They pay for it!

    Then I'm right! This is a scam!

    pay for me or go to hell!
  • Did they only take out the money you agreed too?
  • f a stranger came up to you and said give me $97 dollars and ill make you rich . what would you tell them?enough said.

    I too was looking for and easy way to make a buck but it diden't turn out that way. i"M dumb to get fooledd by these shyloks.
  • I also have been scammed by Home Cash Flow Club, and since January 2017 I have been requesting my refund. It appears they have taken down the website. I am filing a complaint with the BBB, and hopefully these "fakes" will be prosecuted to the fullest for what their ripoffs!
  • I knew this was site ifish, but I had to see what they were up to. They tried to get an additional $12,000.00 up front from me; which confirmed their intentions. The layout and the person telling you how to proceed with your program was absurd to say the very leased. I owned my own business in 8 states in the United States and could tell these guys were flakes just by the way they talked. I also called several telephone numbers associated with the site and the same guy answered the phone. If I may say so, you guys are not smart enough to fool a normal person.
  • I sighed up for the Snap Web Profits AKA Home Cashflow,paid my $97 and after 3 days of monotonous verbiage I still do not get their technical garbage, which after 1 hour of listening to the voice I have to take a nap because it puts me to sleep and I have not LEARNED one thing to help me make money online. I called and e-mailed today asking for a refund and guess what? I cannot get my $97 back until March 1, 2017 the 30 days they said I agreed to, yet they promise 100% refund within 60 days and I found after 3 days it is not my cup of tea. Also, you are supposed to call your support specialist the first thing (guess what) I did speak with him until I requested a refund, go figure. At this point, I certainly believe they are a scam and seniors (such as myself) should beware of trying to supplement their Social Security with these scam artists.....They should be removed and secondly, I do not believe Mark Cuban recommended these people as they suggest.
  • Has anyone been routed to VSM Group thru homecashflow? Ive spoken with a man there and they want me to get a credit card so they can teach me how to use that money online to make money off of. I'm skeptical about this and dont want to lose a ton of money with no ROI!!
  • TOTAL SCAM! Paid my $99 and called 30 days later (on 11/7/16) to get refund. Still waiting. STAY AWAY!!!
  • Has anyone else received the email from Mark Cuban endorsing this service ?

    I'm not mad at the $133 invested in Fake Home Cash Flow, I'm mad at myself for being so gullible .

    What bothered me more was the fact that now they offer me packages from $4,900 to $15,000 , spend two hours on the phone with a guy that knew exactly what to say. And he even admitted to HCF hiring them VSM Group to supply them with success stories. I even believed I would be one with their help before I ran into this page.

    I'm going back to writing my books and working like most people. The good thing is that you can still make extra cash with affiliate marketing and if they take your money, you should go to BBB and your Credit card company and advise of this.

    I wonder if Marc Cuban is even aware of his name being used.
    • yeah justin larsen is the owner and it says he's in las vegas but he is running business out of utah, his sales people promise you everything but give you nothing.
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