Home Income Cash System Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Home Income Cash System is the latest version of a highly controversial work at home offer. The company marketing this opportunity has continually relied on a series of deceitful sales tricks and legal loopholes to profit off unsuspecting job seekers.

For those of you unaware of this company’s sordid past let me briefly explain. This program has been previously sold under the names BlackBelt Profit System and Home Income Profit System. Here are the screenshots to show you that they continually use the same sales page, opting only to change the name of the course.

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The problem with Home Income Cash System and its previous versions is two-fold. First, they’re sold through deceptive “advertorials”- fake news sites designed to look like the real thing. These sites feature a bogus article about a young single mom who’s making a living using this system.

They use an IP tracking script to geographically customize the article based on your physical location. The sites also have a series of fake comments praising the Home Income Cash System, but won’t allow you to post your own thoughts.

Now, at the bottom of myincomeconnection.com (the website for Home Income Cash System) they’ve added a disclaimer which states,

…Our products and services have become very popular world-wide. As a result, there are many other websites that may link to this page. Although we monitor and randomly check the websites that help us advertise our services through linking to our page, we cannot be responsible for the content of any website that we do not control. Please be advised that earnings claims of any type are strictly against our policy as results vary according to each individual’s own efforts…”

This is their way of saying that they can’t be held responsible for the fake news sites. This disclaimer is misleading, as it tries to get you to believe that they are unrelated to the websites that link to them.

However, the only reason anyone would link to Home Income Cash System is because they’re an affiliate for the program and are paid when their referrals sign up. If they cared about accurately portraying their course then they would simply ban these affiliates.

The second major problem with the company behind Home Income Cash System is in the way they sell the opportunity. They use a trial system that gives folks access to the course for only $1.95 which, after 5 days, turns into a monthly fee of $29.95.

Among the 126 negative reviews left on this site for the previous version of Home Income Cash System, the majority of complaints deal with this billing practice. The problems range from people forgetting to cancel, being unable to cancel in time, or getting billed without ever receiving the course.

Not to mention that aside from the billing complaints no one reported using the system to actually make money online.  If you did/do sign up for Home Income Cash System and need to cancel the number at the time of this write up is (888) 230-9941.

The bottom line is that the owners of this course are simply in it to make money. If they had a good business opportunity they wouldn’t have to change the name of their course every couple months or use deceptive billing tactics to bilk money from their customers. They’d also put an end to their affiliates’ favorite gimmick, the fake news site.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Home cash is such a fake site i have over 380 dollars,just for me to request for payment is a problem..after all my hard work..i pray that God will surelly repay them back for the evil they are doing
  • I have been trying to claim my payments but the site direct m roughly, and I have earm up $660 dollar's.

    Pls how can I get paid. Thanks kigsley
  • Think this is scam why is it that when it comes to downloading the form of earning it fails.
  • I think that it is very dreadful what scam artists would do to get money from people who are hopeful and dream to make money from home. I just learned one new thing from the review which is that: "They use an IP tracking script to geographically customize the article based on your physical location." I live in Massachusetts and most of the scam that I read, indicate that the person using the system successfully, lives in a city in Massachusetts. The city is not usually too close to where I live, but close for me to be tempted to buy the product or attempt to go to the city. These marketers are thieves in broad day light.
  • I really feel bad for everyone who purchased this program
  • No one from Saipan has this name and that changes her home to match the reader's home.
  • It's real?
  • Agree with Antonio Diaz. No such name on Guam. Lived on Guam for 40+ years, yet to met up with a name like Caucaunibuca. I say scam like all the phone calls I get regarding my computer. Ignore this scheme to get quick money. Long hours and hard work will make you money.
  • Are y'all not looking at the ratings reviews. How to avoid getting ripped off. 1 turn off your computers to buy shit. can't do that huh? Ok 2 if you can't physically touch or drive to a location. Don't buy it. I want to say get rich schemes don't work if they did everybody would be. And if the scheme works you would know until after they get busted. These scheme prey on poor folks like the lottery. Buy you 97 one dollars lottery tickets. At least it build

    Hope 97 times per stratch.
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