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The Home Income Program job training package, available at Home-Revenue-Center.com is a new work at home opportunity promoted by spokeswoman Michelle Johnson, and said to guarantee anyone a livable income from home.

Michelle Johnson formerly represented Internet Income Pillars, which was a company which helped people become eBay Auction Listing Agents. This new opportunity, however, trains people to become Search Engine Agents.

A “Search Engine Agent” is a term Home-Revenue-Center.com uses to describe someone who works online as a link poster. For this training, the website says you pay a one time fee of $97 and that you can begin earning money immediately.

What to Know About Link Posting

There are countless training programs which promise to show people how to run independent businesses through posting links online. This is a form of affiliate marketing where people earn commissions when links they post result in sales for partner companies.

Although Home Income Program presents this opportunity as though the only fee you’ll have to pay is for their training program, traditional link posting requires payments for advertising, or website hosting and maintenance.

This can often come as a surprise to many of their members, who – due to the claims of the sales page – believe that all they have to is complete this training program and will “guaranteed a position” in link posting and quickly begin earning money.

The Bottom Line

In addition to the extra fees you may need to pay in the course of maintaining an independent affiliate marketing business, many training programs like Home Income also try to sneak in extra fees.

According to Home-Revenue-Center.com, paying for their training program also includes a one-on-one session with a training coach. Historically speaking, these training phone calls can result in sales pitches’ for higher level programs, website traffic generators, and more.

But perhaps the biggest sign that you should be cautious when dealing with the Home Income Program is that they are being promoted by a fake news site. Also, this company or one of their affiliates is spamming this fake news site through their customers’ emails accounts.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and link posting, you can find information on these businesses all over the internet, from public forums to Wikipedia, before you ever have to invest any money in a training program.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Income Program " is 1.12 out of 5 based on 34 reviews.
  • I spoke with Deborah Conner on 1/31/19 and she directed me to this site to request a refund because I don't understand one thing about your program!

    If you could please grant me a refund of the $37, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • I'm trying to get a refund and can't find a contact email or number.
  • So glad my card didn't go through!!!! I almost fell for this scam.Glad I did some research first and looked at reviews.
  • This a big SCAM!!! Tried for weeks to get my refund and all I got was a run around. They heartless stright liers. Will report them.
  • I just started I paid 97.00 and this is an big Scam I spend money on a cell phone

    and open a bank account .

    Don't trust this company.
  • In reading through all these reviews, one number was posted that is legit ... 888-719-8133. I got through and received my refund in 9 business days.
  • I was scammed out of $13000 dollars By New Beginnings EDU. Please do not fall for it like i did. They only allow you one hour of coaching per week and the coaches now very little about what you are asking help with. Now I am paying huge credit card payments and have nothing.
  • I too fell for the lies. I paid the money. First 97.00 and then another 87.00. I finally got wise when the links didn't work and neither did the comment section, and the number to call just a message. Literally the only portion of the website that worked was the part that took payment.I sat there a few minutes feeling very panicked, then called my credit card company and told them what happened. They suggested a temporary hold on card. Nothing was charged thank heavens. I went ahead and asked for a new card with new number be sent. And I immediately called and joined lifelock.com. What a nightmare. I suggest everyone who had anything to do with this join lifelock. Yes it is 30.00 a month. But a dollar a day is worth it to me. Good luck to you all!
    • The web developers made a mistake and incorrectly put the wrong number on the site. The correct number is (888) 719-8133 and as you can see they are very similar. Yes the voicemail box did fill up over the Christmas holidays so apologies there. This isn't some nefarious scheme as you seem to believe unfortunately, and if you'd like a refund all you need to do is call. I
    • This is a scam. As soon as I paid the $93 fee, the page led me to call 1-888-872-2096 as my first step to get started. I called a few time, it was said the mailbox is full. Then the bottom of the page there's a toll free customer service number 1-888-713-8133. It's said the number is no longer available. When I googled the first number, it's said, this is a scam. Do not sign up. This is a legitimate scam.
  • Please don't fall into this scam! I am so glad that I checked the reviews. Unfortunately, I already paid them a $97 startup fee, and began watching their videos. They sound pretty enticing, but don't be fooled, nothing they say Works as easily as they say it does. After a day of trying what they said, I noticed that just about every mode of link posting ended up taking much longer than they said, or required many more steps and knowledge than were described. Plus, pretty much, they suggest you Spam the crud out of legit social media and blog sites (you will be lucky if 1/10 of your work actually sticks, because most people won't approve these junk posts). That is when I got wise and Googled their name, I really wish I had done this before to see all of the negative reviews and allegations of scam. Unfortunately also, I was stupid enough to call my bank and ask them what to do, when I should have just reported the charge as unrecognized and gotten it dismissed. This of course would require getting a new card probably, but that might be the easiest route to go.

    If you already signed up and did what I did with bank contact (they keep record of all calls for their protection in situations like this), tell Home Income you want to cancel immediately. Be sure to document all correspondence to them, and be as specific as possible when you talk to them. If you make a phone call to their startup specialist, record the phone call when you say you want to cancel (there are apps that can be used for this purpose). Also save all email conversations. I have taken all of these steps, and was provided this email when calling the start up number provided in their training email:

    [email protected]

    They said that email is the only way to request the refund. I just wrote this email a request with my name and phone number (subject line: Refund Request), and they promised a refund in 3 to 5 business days. I have yet to see if they follow through, but if not, now you will have all the documentation you need to dispute the charge with your bank.

    I hope that I can help a few people to avoid the same mistake as I made; I have to admit, I was foolish and naive to fall for this scam. Never pay to get job details, best advice ever.
    • Thank you for sharing and for your information. I'm trying to get the charges refunded. Their customer service number turns out is a number that is no longer available (1-888-713-8133 (toll free). And the number directed on the page as soon I signed up (888-872-2096), the recording said the mailbox is full, and no one answering the call. This is a true scam.
  • I fell in to this scam also. Wish I read the reviews before I signed up. Still wondering how to get my money back because I'm a 26 year old woman and just had a lose in the family so that money could help. Please help me out. Thanks.
    • Start with the FTC filing a complaint. if enough of us do this we can get our money back. I too lost money and trying to get it back.
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