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The Home Income Program job training package, available at Home-Revenue-Center.com is a new work at home opportunity promoted by spokeswoman Michelle Johnson, and said to guarantee anyone a livable income from home.

Michelle Johnson formerly represented Internet Income Pillars, which was a company which helped people become eBay Auction Listing Agents. This new opportunity, however, trains people to become Search Engine Agents.

A “Search Engine Agent” is a term Home-Revenue-Center.com uses to describe someone who works online as a link poster. For this training, the website says you pay a one time fee of $97 and that you can begin earning money immediately.

What to Know About Link Posting

There are countless training programs which promise to show people how to run independent businesses through posting links online. This is a form of affiliate marketing where people earn commissions when links they post result in sales for partner companies.

Although Home Income Program presents this opportunity as though the only fee you’ll have to pay is for their training program, traditional link posting requires payments for advertising, or website hosting and maintenance.

This can often come as a surprise to many of their members, who – due to the claims of the sales page – believe that all they have to is complete this training program and will “guaranteed a position” in link posting and quickly begin earning money.

The Bottom Line

In addition to the extra fees you may need to pay in the course of maintaining an independent affiliate marketing business, many training programs like Home Income also try to sneak in extra fees.

According to Home-Revenue-Center.com, paying for their training program also includes a one-on-one session with a training coach. Historically speaking, these training phone calls can result in sales pitches’ for higher level programs, website traffic generators, and more.

But perhaps the biggest sign that you should be cautious when dealing with the Home Income Program is that they are being promoted by a fake news site. Also, this company or one of their affiliates is spamming this fake news site through their customers’ emails accounts.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and link posting, you can find information on these businesses all over the internet, from public forums to Wikipedia, before you ever have to invest any money in a training program.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Income Program " is 1.15 out of 5 based on 39 reviews.
  • I am in a really bad income situation and almost signed up.thanx to everyone's reviews I didn't and I feel very bad that these scam artists get away stealing people's money ps. If they've stolen money from(u)we must take them to the law and shut them down. Signed: sean
  • thanks,everyone one I almost pay the 97 dollars. people like that need to be in jail.
  • I found out it is building a website and I tried to cancel the same day they would not let me cancel. They said that it is a 30 trial period and that they will not take any cancelation until the 30 days is up.
  • march 2, 2015

    This is so ridiculous!! I wish someone would catch these low crooks!!, The sad thing is they keep getting away with it, I tried to get my $97.00 back with in a 3-5 day time frame, and the number wasn't right!! The website wouldn't let you sign in, the guy on the line the day I tried to get through to ask more questions was trying to get me to start a new credit card and get more!! Seriously, how does this happen?? Then of course there's a 60 day money back guarantee , sure there is!! Good luck!! I've been trying, and the website had no phone #, and then one I got Lionel Richie picture , with some smartass remark!, It makes me so mad at myself for falling for this crap!! Don't let this happen, Do pay anyone ever, it's more than like not legitimate! Don't Get SCAMMED!!!
    • Don't beat yourself up. I'm guessing everyone on this page has fallen victim to one scam or another. I truly believe it is possible to make money online...just remember to NEVER pay a fee. The request for one is your sure sign of a scam!! Good luck!
    • I feel your pain, Teresea. I just got taken by these frauds! I can't believe I was so gullible! This has to be brought to an end. I wish I would have read the reviews before I ever ordered this ridiculous program.
  • i signed up paid 97.00 and someone was supposed to call me at 10 am no one has called.after reading the reviews.i totaly beleive they are fraudulant.im going to credit union now to fill out fraud forms to hopefully get our money back.you shouldnt have to pay to work.never again.
    • I paid the same amount ashtyn's someone did contact me. After speaking with him I decided this wasn't for me. I asked for a refund. I'm having a hard time getting I n contact with someone for my refund. Do you have a number like email for these people?
  • i applied and paid $97 for the "home income program" on Monday. The next day, a Gary Shunk (representative) called me and kept me on the phone for a so called interview for 45 min. he mostly told me that my life was miserable and never spoke once about the program. he was just trying to get info about my life and my incomes. when i said that i was no longer interested about the program and that i wanted my money back, he said it was not possible and he threatened me that i was going to regret it?! i hung up and called another representative to get instructions for a refund. she threatened me too! And finally told me to call the customer service number indicated in an email that i never received. IT IS A SCAM!

    I am mad at myself.
    • Did they show you any websites that they claimed to have built?
    • Go to your bank (if you used a debit card)and file a dispute. Tell them is was a scam and that you tried to get out of it. They will cancel your current debit card and issue a new one. Otherwise, file a complaint with your credit card company.
  • SCAM..NO phone number for this company. Do not spend your money. I am filling fraud through my bank to get my money back.
  • I signed up last night and now I cant get into the program. its telling me my user name is incorrect, and my password is incorrect. I wrote this information down. There is no phone number for this company. this is a SCAM
  • I think this is a scam. I read all the reviews over and over prior to signing up but didn't see any negative ones until after I paid the 97.00 The phone # listed 855-997-7300 for their customer service is disconnected. I want my money back asap. I am a single parent trying to support my family and $97.00 took food off my table this month. If any one has a legit working phone # please post it. Thanks
    • Try 888-872-2096 or 888-440-8506 they are both working numbers. I received an email with login information and was able to log in ad have been speaking to a representative. Hope this information helps you.
    • If this is with Home Income Institute the customer support number that I have (and it worked) is 866-358-1305. I got this from the billing phone number that I found on my credit card statement.
    • Where was that phone number listed?
    • 1-800-445-6630
  • My daughter, a senior in college, signed up with the Home Income Program. She has found it difficult to work with classes, studying and clinicals. She paid the $97.00 but was immediately advised by friends it was a scam. She stopped payment. She has just received a call from a gentleman, welcoming her to program and looking forward to the training classes. Why do they go to such links if they've gotten the money? Is it possible for them to get more money? I just don't understand the continued charade. Thanks for the information. Hate the feeling of being duped. Terru
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