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HomeIncomeSite.net Legit or Scam?

Home Income SiteThe HomeIncomeSite.net is a relatively new website that tells the story of Paul Moon, an ex-Best Buy employee who created a website and now allegedly earns more than the CEO of Best Buy does.  Home Income Site promises anyone who purchases their program will receive a guaranteed way to make money.

Ultimately, the Home Income Site is selling a pre-made web store with the promise that you will make anywhere between 30%-75% commission on all sales that you make.  In addition, Home Income Site clams that Paul Moon has “unique way” to get unlimited traffic to the site at “virtually no cost.”

For a one time fee of $49.95, Home Income Site will give you a website, pre-made and designed by Paul Moon, special training in how to make the most of your site, and regular updates on internet marketing information to keep you current and successful.

So What’s the Deal with Home Income Site?

Oh, where to begin.  First of all, as I’ve said many times before, buying a pre-made website to sell products from is a terrible idea.  Every single person who purchases a website from Home Income Site is receiving the exact same website with access to the exact same products.  The only way to be competitive in internet sales is to have the ability to set yourself apart from your competition.  Buying a website from Home Income Site essentially guarantees you have no way of doing that.

Second, the claim that Paul Moon has found a “unique” way to get unlimited traffic at “virtually no cost” tells me that once you buy this program, you’re going to be hit with a second sales page telling you to buy a program that sends you traffic.  The majority of these programs are a complete waste of money, as simply getting traffic does not guarantee sales, and there are often claims of these programs simply sending bots to your site that register as traffic, instead of actual customers.

Finally, Home Income Site doesn’t provide any refund policy or detailed payment information.  In fact, their Terms & Conditions link is broken and brings you nowhere.  The truth is that while a one time fee of $49.95 sounds nice, what’s the deal with hosting and maintenance?  Is that free?  Will that be a monthly fee?  Will you have to find your own hosting and maintenance?

The one benefit is that it is a PayPal product, so if you have purchased this program already and decide you want a refund, you can contact PayPal with your concerns and they’ll help you.

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  • The internet is inundated with scams or misleading information all labeled as opportunities to earn extra cash or income, which many would like. These con artists are targeting your fears and / or your gullibility through Marketing and language used to target these things. They get you emotionally charged about big dreams of financial success and now your not thinking clearly and you buy their nonsense based on emotion, not clear thinking, which you then find out it was a scam. I've been taking in myself a few times. Not anymore! My advice is do your homework!!!! It's quite easy and simple with little time involvement to research these so-called opportunities. It's well worth doing and save yourself all of headaches and disappointment .
  • Shame on you. I am disabled and paid $97.00 for a night mare that was supposed to be an opportunity.
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