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Home Jobs Revealed


The ad for Home Jobs Revealed appears on the site HomeJobManual.com and features a wide array of falsehoods and exaggerations. The ad claims that you can follow in the footsteps of work at home mom, Melissa Johnson, who makes a staggering $8,000 a month.

If you’ve been on the hunt for work at home jobs long enough you’ve no doubt come across several of these by now. They all use the same layout, feature some successful stay at home mom, and all try to pass of as legitimate news sites.

Unfortunately, nothing about these websites is genuine and they are the tools of marketers trying to make a quick buck selling work at home dreams. In this case the website links to Michelle Taylor’s Home Jobs Revealed, but these types of sales pages are used to promote a wide variety of work at home offers.

The real danger in these types of ads is that they are only the first step in a devious scam designed to squeeze as much money out of the customer as possible. After you pay the initial fee for the work at home program, you will then be put on the calling lists of companies selling advanced coaching options running upwards of $10,000.

So Is Home Jobs Revealed a Scam?

It’s safe to say that the site promoting the course is a scam. Considering the fact that when you actually click on the link it takes you to a completely different home business opportunity called Power Seller Secrets, it’s safe to assume that this is something you should avoid.

In fact whenever you see one of these online news reports, regardless if they’re pitching a work at home product or some weight loss solution you’re better off avoiding it all together, no matter how good it sounds.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Jobs Revealed " is 1.06 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.
  • I watched the videos 1 and 2 and the entire time, the speakers are talking about how much money they made. There is no specific information about how can you make an income through this business. Now, you receive a random call from someone from facebook, stay away, this is a Span
  • In Finland she is Veera Koskinen. Stupid scam attempt.
  • In Luxembourg she is Melissa Johnson. Asking from €35 to € 60.
  • In Bolivia, she is the same Melissa Johnson!!! Not a Bolivian name at all... Although lots of both Americans live here. The story seems to be false and repeated all over the world! Don't buy it!!
  • It is a SCAM!!!! They took my money. The ad said you can try it for $1.95 for a month then after few days I was charged with $29.95 right away for hosting fee. Want to check again but you won't be able to access it again to check the ad.
  • The internet is a wonder thing to check out these to good to be true work from home scam jobs. They prey on people who are looking for jobs. I have been getting a lot of the e-mails posted in my spam file. The newest on I've been getting is Secret shoppers jobs that pay $200 to $300 for each report. Please be careful never give out any info on line not even your cell # If it were true a lot of people would be doing it
  • Reviewopedia,

    excelent expose on this scam.

    The news services change according to location.

    The was shown to my ex's son by my ex as possible work.

    At the time, I had access to a remote server on the other side of the world. I showed him the same web page locally (Melbourne, Australia) and remotely (Dallas, Texas, USA) and pointed out the spelling errors for Australia and that it had to be a scam because of these differences for the location.

    The cheque show is American layout, not Australian layout for "Down Under".

    At the bottom, there's a huge disclaimer about the news services listed, none of which are in Australia.

    One of the people said that they had a call from these people on her cell (mobile) phone. She probably was viewing the website on her mobile (cell) phone and has allowed the applications to access her phone's personal information. The website would have requested the phone number and all her personal information from the phone and sent it on.

    Note that there is the lack of privacy with "geo location".

    I personally DON'T want my location given to websites.
  • Interesting enough, once you click on the link and exit the page, it disappears and can't be accessed again.

    I forgot what "Kelly's" last name was, but wasn't able to find her under a google search.

    Don't waste your money on this garbage.
  • I saved the picture of the lady and the baby. I searched the photo on google, that's how I found this page.

    It is a SCAM.

    They track your IP address and know what city you live in. They then change the wording that Mary Steven { from your city} did this scam and made a lot of money!!

    Big time a Dreadful fraud.
  • The alarming thing about this scam is that I saw this today and just clicked on it. I did NOT trust it because it sounded too good to be true and couldn't understand how posting company links would earn someone money. About an hour later someone from the "work at home company" called my cell phone, which I did NOT enter my cell phone or any other personal information. When I asked to get their name and number so that I could call them back, they hung up on me.
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