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The ad for Home Jobs Revealed appears on the site HomeJobManual.com and features a wide array of falsehoods and exaggerations. The ad claims that you can follow in the footsteps of work at home mom, Melissa Johnson, who makes a staggering $8,000 a month.

If you’ve been on the hunt for work at home jobs long enough you’ve no doubt come across several of these by now. They all use the same layout, feature some successful stay at home mom, and all try to pass of as legitimate news sites.

Unfortunately, nothing about these websites is genuine and they are the tools of marketers trying to make a quick buck selling work at home dreams. In this case the website links to Michelle Taylor’s Home Jobs Revealed, but these types of sales pages are used to promote a wide variety of work at home offers.

The real danger in these types of ads is that they are only the first step in a devious scam designed to squeeze as much money out of the customer as possible. After you pay the initial fee for the work at home program, you will then be put on the calling lists of companies selling advanced coaching options running upwards of $10,000.

So Is Home Jobs Revealed a Scam?

It’s safe to say that the site promoting the course is a scam. Considering the fact that when you actually click on the link it takes you to a completely different home business opportunity called Power Seller Secrets, it’s safe to assume that this is something you should avoid.

In fact whenever you see one of these online news reports, regardless if they’re pitching a work at home product or some weight loss solution you’re better off avoiding it all together, no matter how good it sounds.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Jobs Revealed " is 1.06 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.
  • I decided to try it last month because it was featured on YAHOO so I thought it was legit. Instead they wanted more and more money. Then a coach called me. Very nice man. He told me it really does work but you would have to pay anywhere from $2000 to $10,000 to have a coach help you out. And that's how all the online jobs are. So unless you have 1000's of dollars to work with, then I would forget it.
  • Please help they took my money!
    • My first clue that it was a scam was the town in which this woman lived. Richton Park, IL is the next town over from where I live. There are absolutely no white people living there!

      When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

      Hope you get your money back!
  • In Texas, one day it is Mary Stevens & another day it's a Teresa something. SCAM
  • I live near Crescent City, Ca, and the only Melissa Johnson is 47 and not at all her! SCAM!
  • In AZ, she is Melissa Johnson and she makes $6795 per month! What a scam.
  • Melissa Johnson is a regular mom who lost her job last year, and after an unsuccessful job hunt, she started working online. I interviewed her about her amazing story and she revealed her steps for success. sh

    A check Melissa Johnson recently received using the Instant Income From Home System from (amazon services llc ((on 25-jun-10 ck# 49169 ***8795.00 NO $ sign))

    A check MARY STEVENSON recently received using the Instant Income From Home System from (amazon services llc ((on 25-feb-10 ck# 49169 ***8795.00 NO $ sign))both ck from wells Fargo. look at the date format

    same ck # different name but the same lady,and the same baby. To bad the copy & past was deactivated I could not copy&paste the checks,and the pictures with the same woman
  • In Brazil, she is "Maria Carolina". Odd... That's OK to be a "Maria" if you are Mexican or Cuban or whatever, but Maria is not properly a Brazilian name.
  • Big time scam. In MA she is Theresa Andrews. Same exact person and article. Too funny
  • yer the scum bags rorted me.. cant see me getting any of that money back.
  • Its' a scam. This person is not even a real person. Melissa Johnson? Yeah, right
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