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Home Jobs Today, found online at Home-Jobs-Today.com, is a new work at home training program which promises to teach people all the skills and knowledge they need to run their own internet marketing business.

This website claims that internet marketing is a business that is “recession proof” and which gives people a chance to earn a livable yearly salary just from working a few hours a day, and having the rest of the time to themselves to do whatever they want.

The Home Jobs Today website says that they will provide their customers with all the lessons and tools they for successful internet marketing, for just a one-time fee of $97.00, with no recurring monthly fees.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is a type of independently owned business in which people partner with other companies and websites to promote their goods or services through online links. If these links result in sales, the internet marketer will earn a commission.

Home Jobs Today says that it will teach their members how to partner with the right companies, how to place their ads, where to place their ads, and more. They will even provide their members with a place to easily see exactly how much money they are earning, and from which ads they are earning the most money.

According to their website, all members need to do is follow their instructions exactly, and they will quickly be able to earn money from this opportunity.

Is Home Jobs Today Legit?

Generally speaking, companies that promise to teach you how to be an internet marketer have fairly poor reputations within the work at home and online communities. They have earned this reputation after more than a decade of being linked to unethical business practices and leaving a trail of vocally unhappy customers.

Home Jobs Today follows in the footsteps of many of these other, unethical companies with many of the claims that it makes. First of all, there may be no such thing as a “recession proof job,” but if there is, internet marketing isn’t it.

Internet marketers only get paid when people buy goods and services; when the economy is down and people are out of work, they simply are not buying as many goods and services as they normally do, which will obviously negatively affect how much money an internet marketer will earn month-to-month.

In addition, this website claims that people can work “a couple hours a day” and still earn a financially secure livable wage. That’s incredibly misleading and unfair to prospective customers. Like any other independent business, a life of just working a few hours a day while making larger sums of money is possible, but not until after months and more likely years of hard work, long hours, and smaller sums of money.

The truth is that customers should find as many free resources as possible for learning about internet marketing before they decided whether or not they want to invest any money in this opportunity, including for a training course.

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