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Home Online JobsHome-Online-Jobs.org is a website run by Michelle Mathews, a self proclaimed number one work at home specialist, that offers a certification program to train you how to make money by posting links for companies.

Mathews makes many claims about her program and the job opportunity that it trains you to be a part of.  For a one time fee of $49.95, Home Online Jobs claims that you can quickly be making up to $225 an hour, working from home, on your own schedule.

Mathews comes to this earning figure by saying that it takes 4 minutes to post a link, and since you earn an average of $15 per link, that turns out to be $225 an hour.  She also claims that anyone can earn this money, regardless of experience or background.

So is Home Online Jobs a Scam?

Oh, where to begin?  First of all, there is no such thing as being paid to post links.  This is a scam that swept the internet in 2009, and here it is, rearing its ugly head again.

The truth of the link posting job is that it is a form of affiliate marketing.  You post a link advertisement for another company, and when someone clicks on that link and purchases a product, you earn a commission from that sale.  This means you get paid only when someone purchases a product, not when you post a link.

Second, while you may not need particular experience or background to post links, you do need money.  Every time someone clicks on your link, you must pay a fee.  This means that you might not only not make money, but there’s a good chance you could lose a good deal of money on this opportunity.

Finally, Michelle Mathews says that she is a well respected work at home expert, when the reality is that a basic internet search brings up exactly zero stories or mentions of her within this capacity.  In addition, there have been reports from people who say that once they gave Mathews their $49.95, they received nothing in return, and received no answers from multiple emails sent.

If you have signed up for Mathews certification training, they are a Clickbank product, which means you have 60 days from the date of purchase for a no questions asked refund.  If you wish to cancel, contact Clickbank if you are still eligible for a refund.

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  • Thank you so much to everyone taking the time to post warnings about scams on this site, as well as other sites. There would be so many more accounts of people getting ripped of without you guys. With your help, my family avoided this pitfall...am grateful.
  • So very glad I researched this I saw the add maybe 2 years ago and saw it again a few days ago. while my own situation is a little more stable but so glad I didn't fall for this. Please follow your gut so glad I questioned it... surely don't need to lose anymore.
  • i wanted to do job at home but i hove not my own e mail account and i hove not my own bank account can i use other accounts please reply me now i am waiting for your reply
  • Not all online jobs are scams. If you need legit and real work then you can find a job on real freelance website like odesk, freelance, elance or govsource.
  • This sounds great and i thought to appreciate at first.But thinking and thinking of the scammer,i just couldn't believe even this site.

    losing 49 dollars is not much but cheating people is bad.

    You know how people uses people!

    Anyway, i will never let the liers win me.

    I would rather give a little penny to the beggars on the floor.

    Thanks and we will appreciate if you turn to be for real one in the near future.
  • Omg im so thankful for this...i fell for it badly i was inches away from giving my visa number grrr why aint it shutdwn yet????? I got the same thing bt it had jenifer instead of michelle. Disgusting humanz!!!!!
  • It's a scam...
  • I don't know really did anyone try it like for a month and if so did they pay you??
  • wow, thank God i found this i was just about to pay and get started making my thousands thought I'd found my answer to life and a new home
  • Wow! THANK GOD I SEARCHED THIS FIRST! Thank you to all the people who have posted Comments to this site!! I am pretty desperate to try to bring in some extra $.bills are stacking up $ my pet is sick at the vet $ and I bounced 2checks in a row!!! But let me tell you that $50-$77 of hard earned money THAT I WORK HARD FOR! Will NOT be going to a scammer! I seriously was about to take out my debit are and pay one of These people! (My wife would have killed me!) THESE SCAMMERS MAKE ME SICK and they are predatory to people In positions like mine... Again Thank you all for your comments!!!! (Just ride it out and it will get better)
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